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momentary save
tuesday, august 2, 2011

rent has been paid and two utilities have been delayed. whether or not we can take care of them when their time come sup is another story, but for now, we're okay. as long as kitten puts her entire rent payment to us into the rent here, we'll have a roof over our heads. the trick will be keeping the rest of it running.

saxy is already working on finding another job. he's done some minor networking at the school, where the chefs all know and speak highly of him, his motivation, and his seriousness to his chosen career and education. the hope is that it will eventually net something better than r.l. in terms of pay and hours. if we can keep him in for his final quarter and get him through the senior show, that would be even better, but we need at least $200 to do that, and i have no idea how to come up with it. not giving up, i really want him to finish up his degree: he deserves it! it's just not looking good for his last term from where we stand now. anyway, he passed along his business card to another chef who indicated there was a possible job at a place near the school. not great when it comes to the commute, so we'll have to hope the trade off in gas is met by enough hours to make more than he is at r.l. right now.

not that that wouldn't be too hard. his next check is $95. *head desk* the bills that MUST be paid come to $153, and technically should be closer to $180. jewel is giving us $125. so with those numbers, we'll have about $30 for food.

currently the plan is A LOT of homemade stuff: pasta is flour and eggs, we can make our own tortillas and flat breads. very little vegetables, no fruit, very little meat. and feeding the animals is impossible with these numbers, especially since the food that helps keep vagner from getting sick is $21/bag minimum.

seriously, send care packages and grocery payment coupons or cards. even with the kids starting school, the week of the 8th is going to be scary food wise. grand baby and i can eat leftovers, dinners are going to be scary tight. but like i said, we're looking for ways to make it work. hopefully the next week won't be so bad, though with all of kitten's money going to rent, we have nothing else coming in from her to help keep us in food. at least nothing without major screaming matches, stressing out, and revealing yet again how it's more important she be able to do what she wants to do than to keep the family fed, housed, and with the lights on.

yea, my...respect for my oldest daughter has gone way down in this mess.

but if we can scrape by, if we can use her money for rent, and taz's ssi doesn't go down any further (honestly not holding out hope for that since the changes counted his child support at $300 and it's actually $475, and i'm expecting that extra $175 to kick in sooner than later, because, seriously, we're not entitled to do any better than we have been for reasons that elude me), thing will get better when hubs is capable of a) working full time, and b) working more than one job if necessary.

it's touch and go for the moment. it looks good now. in three weeks, after i can't save a utility and/or we're screaming fighting over paying the rent, and i'm so stressed i either sleep all the time or can't get to sleep at night, it's going to look a lot different. still, i'll take a momentary save to no save at all.

and i meant it about the care packages. we're fine for this week. next week looks downright scary when it comes to the food.


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