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it's almost over
monday, august 2, 2010

summer, that is. it's been a tough one this year. saxy's still not working and he and kitten are still embroiled in high stress online classes, middle daughter has made every attempt to not hang out much because we all drive her bonkers (or at least her sisters do), and youngest has been caught shoplifting.


the big news? taz turns 18 tomorrow. he's all excited about "being a man", not that this means much for him—he can't drive, will be in high school another 3-4 years, and will never go to college. but he's excited!

probably more for the cake and ice cream than anything. lol

saxy asked him what he wanted for dinner, and he first went with several take out places, and finally settled for hamburgers and mac & cheese. lol kitten picked up a card for us all to sign and a few gifts that are all going in one birthday bag for him to open. she also ordered a cake and will pick that up tomorrow.

we've not done much about getting guardianship over him, but i'm not too worried about it at this point. i can't afford a lawyer to deal with the paperwork, and we don't have a vehicle to make it into court, so it's just going to have to wait. fortunately, he doesn't usually answer phones (unless we see it's his dad and hand it to him), he's only on a computer at school, and doesn't leave the house without one of us or his sisters with him. under those circumstances, i don't see him getting into a situation where he'd agree to pay for something and us ending up with a huge bill as a result. and, unfortunately, until we get a car, he'll not be out working a job either. even if the city had a better transportation system, he'd probably have difficulty learning it. so until things get better for us, he's pretty much stuck with us and going to school.

speaking of which, school starts next week, thank god. i'm ready for some kind of peace and quiet during the day. granted, saxy and kitten will still be around, but they usually have their heads buried in their computers, printouts, and other related school work. the kids? not so much. and not outside so much either, especially since youngest's run in at the store. she had a taste of freedom for a little while, but it all got taken away when she proved she couldn't use it at all wisely.

taz is going back to his old school again. never had a doubt about that, actually. youngest WILL be going to the school i was hoping she'd get to. the parents are doing a van again, and i've signed her up for it. the high school she wanted to go to has once again failed its ayp (adequate yearly progress), which made her a choice transfer rather than a permissive transfer. the difference is important: if it were a permissive transfer, we couldn't use the parent van because it would be my choice to put her in the school rather than a bad school prompting the transfer. hopefully she'll settle in and get her head on straight.

the novel is off on submissions—2 rejections so far. the second novel is still in the works. i'm otherwise kept pretty busy helping saxy and kitten and managing the writing workshop. i'll be trying to get back into my exercise, even with the husband home (i'll just be sending him to the garage so i can work out without embarrassment), and am working on getting back on track eating wise. getting back to the school schedule should help with that, even if i'm not thrilled with getting up before 10 or 11. lol

other than all that, it's been hot, and i'll be very glad when that's over. and stormy, which means headaches, and, yes, i'll be glad when that's over too.

but for now? just glad school is almost here and summer vacation is almost over.

and just maybe i'll be around here a bit more. no holding your breath, though. lots of writing is going on these days. ;)


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