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sunday, june 15, 2008


so, yea, vacation over, but been busy. working on a manuscript for lilley (lots of catch up to do!), my own writing, the kids are out of school, doctor appointments. for it being summer and not really a whole heck of a lot actually going on, it's been a little hectic. we even rescued a ferret this past week!

yesterday, though, not as much work done as i would have liked because a storm rolled in and was craaaaaaazay. it sounded like bombs going off overhead. lightning wasn't that dramatic, but the thunder most definitely was. we had a power flicker and then we had a zorch -- a bright flash followed by the loss of something electronic. thank god the comps were down or i'd be in serious trouble, though that apparently didn't save one of the televisions.

we have 3 very old telies. one we purchased before we left cali, a tiny one i believe my husband had when we met, and one that was given to us. one of these is our main television, another is up in the "guest" room, and the third is down in the garage where saxy likes to escape to for a bit every evening. when the zorch hit, the color whacked out on the main tv. i tried everything i could thing of -- playing with the color, using the reset, turning it off briefly. nothing fixed it. so we basically removed all the color and turned it into a black and white until later when a friend said to power everything down for a bit. somehow that reset it. the smaller tv upstairs seems to have made it through the storm just fine. the garage tv, however? it's dead. won't power on at all.

the one good thing that happened as a result of all this? the tv that had been having trouble accessing on demand seems to be doing fine now. just odd. not canceling the appointment i have to get that fixed just yet -- the last time i did that, it stopped working again. i'll wait until the day before. if it's been working pretty consistently all the way till then, then i'll cancel the tech.

today i wanted to call comcast to have them pick up the extra box (dead tv = no reason for a cable box for it). turns out the one non-cellphone in the house also got zorched. dead, dead, dead. or at least the line is dead. we've tried putting in another phone, but saxy says he's not even getting a dial tone. i am however on the net on the same line and through the same jack, so not sure what's up there. saxy says the same phone that's not working in the downstairs jack IS working upstairs.

and now, after a sunny early afternoon, we have more clouds moving in. i know we need the rain (and i'm sure people in iowa wishes theirs would just come give it to us and leave them alone), but, after yesterday, i could just use some plain, old, uninterrupted sunshine.

here's hoping there's no more zorching.


oh! and happy da's day to all the fathers out there! saxy's making himself some snow crab legs (we picked them up for a pretty good price at the farmer's market) and ribs tonight. have to tell you all about the farmer's market one of these days too.

anyone got another 10 hours in a day?

never mind. even if you did, with my luck, they'd probably get zorched too. :P


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