it's been a week
firday, june 15, 2007

unlike last week, this week hasn't been so hot
. a lot of it is more of the same -- financial woes, bickering kids begging to be strangled, and so on. but some of it has been downright nasty, though there has also been some good.

we'll just get the nasty out of the way first.

monday i was in one hell of a bad mood. i mean, colossally bad. i didn't get enough sleep for various reasons, including something like 4 or 5 phone calls before 9 a.m. getting woken up by useless phone calls always makes me cranky, so i was in a pretty lousy mood to begin with. then my son was also in one hell of a mood as well -- one of the worst that i've seen in a very long time. he seriously tried my nerves, and i ended up sending him up to his room and letting him stim to avoid hurting him. it was just one of those days where the two personalities and combined crankiness was borderline explosive. but, of course, this only made my mood that much worse.

then tuesday, i was slammed with a nightmare of a migraine. granted, it was no surprise considering the monster storm that rolled in that afternoon, but i literally had to sleep the damn thing off . . . all day and all night. i felt better by wednesday, but for those 2 days it was just plain nasty.

and then there was all the drama with miss thang. this girl didn't want to go get applications from a certain area of businesses because there was "no way (she was) walking an hour and a half every day to get to work." forget that her school is much further than the area we were sending her to and she went up there to apply for something. saxy finally put his foot down (and i agreed with him) and told her to apply all over that area or prepare to move out. it is a part of her rental agreement to get a job when not in school. and, really, she keeps complaining that $50 every 2 weeks just isn't enough for her. mind you, we pay for her housing and have food, and personal items should cost $100 a month, and her phone wouldn't be an issue if she didn't use $25 in a single day. just . . . augh!


and then there's the internship. i spent most of yesterday morning fighting with MySpace for my first assignment. myspace has got to be one of the lamest networking sites on the net. unless you know, and i mean really know, css, it's not at all user intuitive. and even with css, all the pages look the same. oh, some are prettier than others, but, the general layout is the same. it's limiting and annoying. and aggravating. very. aggravating. i mean, really, what would be the harm in putting up specific editing boxes for each section that must be there and letting people work in html rather than css? even the faq and editing help sections of the site are impossible. nothing is intuitive at all. obviously, i got pretty fed up pretty fast. i deleted the account and will be trying again in a couple of days. i have until next friday to get the bugger done, and it's probably going to take me a lot of time to get it figured out and halfway decent.

but there is good news this week. for one, i've been contacted about another editing position. granted, its for an erotica publisher, but it is a steady, paying position. i can't even begin to tell you how much we need that. and it won't interfere with whatever job saxy finds. hell, it won't even need transportation. i've completed 2 phases of the testing and hiring process. i should get the third phase tonight, assuming all is well with the phases i've finished. never imagined myself editing erotica -- i don't even read the stuff ('course, the last time i had any contact with erotica, it was about 20 years ago and the language used was just . . . lame . . . and do turned me off). but, it will be a good experience and get me into editing, as well as be a regularly paying job. and that is what i'm looking forward to.

and another bit of good news, which pretty much wipes everything else away, is that my oldest is coming down with the grandbaby and her in-laws for the weekend. she should be here tonight. baby cat is 3 1/2 month old! and scooting and rolling. she's going to be so big! it'll be a full house, but it should be a lot of fun. saxy's cooking mexican tomorrow, complete with enchiladas, taquitos, his signature tacos, and tostadas. it was phoenixcat's choice. we're also going to finally get the car insured, so saxy and i can register the damn thing. this is good since mcat demanded that we give back his truck if we aren't going to pay for it. (and, no, i won't eeeeeeeeeven go into that -- not ruining my day with it.) and we're going to go and at least get my hair cut, maaayyyyyyyyybe buy me a new phone and transfer me to kitten's plan. not too sure about the phone thing yet.

we've spent the morning cleaning up the house and getting it ready for them. can't say it looks fantastic, considering the house, but it does look as clean as i've seen it since we moved in. there's still dust and stuff, and my office area is almost embarrassing (i swear, i clean up and reorganize, and in 2 seconds its back to pile city -- not even the additional trays and things have reduced the clutter . . . must be a writer thing), but it's still looking very good. and at least the rest of the house isn't cluttered. we've been cleaning since about 9 this morning, plus we did a little last night. the girls are working on the last bit of stuff, with 4 hours to spare.

now, if only miss thang doesn't get in a snit and get her butt kicked out for the weekend, it'll be great. she will be out for a few hours saturday -- she has an interview at kroger. here's hoping she gets it.

at least the week is ending more up than it started.

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