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sunday, june 10, 2007

it's been one of those weeks where it's pretty much more of the same. things are generally quiet, although hurricane season apparently has started a bit early.
the girls are doing their usual bickering, taz is doing his usual anything to avoid everything except his stimming things, i'm writing, saxy's working, the money sucks. there's not been much to report as exciting.

i did go to an internship related event -- a book signing for photographer clarence davis (who, unfortunately, doesn't have a website or i would link so you could see some of his beautiful images). he's just released a chronicle in black and white, a memoir of sorts with photographs he's taken since 1965. he had some beautiful and powerful photographs on display, including an image from the first time the twin towers was attacked (long before 9/11). he's been nominated for a pulitzer three times in his career.

the event itself wasn't much. he came and spoke for a little bit, although he primarily answered questions, and sold and signed some of his books for attendees. i met another intern as well as another employee and another author that uep has published. we really didn't talk about the internship, although the boss has said we would in the email. he did mention a couple of big projects coming up and said that he would contact us again to arrange a time to for all the interns to meet. he's apparently still interviewing this week as well.

really, if it hadn't been for being pulled over for not having tags on the vehicle, it really would have been a pretty sedate evening. (and, no, we didn't get a ticket because georgia gives you 30 days after buying a vehicle to register it.)

mcat has seen the car and thinks it's pretty cute (or said something to that effect to me). later he asked saxy if i was going to be driving the truck. when saxy said no, he assumed it was because i'm too skittish about it instead of us giving the truck back because it's too damn expensive. yes, my brother is extremely dense. either that or he assumes that just saying something like that means we'll keep the vehicle on his say so even though we can't afford it and he's told my husband to go look for another job.

speaking of which, he's rehired the drug user that he's fired more than once and that nobody likes. this guy is going to cost more than my husband in terms of paychecks, apparently screws up more work than my husband, and has a tendency to not even show up half the time. and yet, here is my brother, hiring this loser while letting my husband go.

i'll be glad when it's over and saxy DOES have a new job and we don't have to deal with any of mcat's b.s. any more. next weekend is supposed to put another nail in that coffin. kitten is supposed to come down (with baby cat and in-laws in tow) and help pay for the insurance on the car so we can get it registered, and get at least me (if not both me and saxy) on her cell plan. once the car is covered, saxy already has someone who has agreed to help him get the truck back to mcat's. after that, it's just a matter of finding a job that pays almost as much as he gets now, or getting two jobs.

i'm really hoping this internship pans out to something paying in september. things will get seriously screwed if it doesn't.

miss thang is doing much better than i expected. a lot of bickering with the sister, but not so much arguing with us. she has been rather dense about the job hunt, so we finally told her to pick it up this next week or start looking to live elsewhere. i'm sorry, but 1 or 2 applications every other day does not equal a serious job hunt. it's part of her agreement to find a job, and finding a job takes a serious effort. she's keeping up on chores, for the most part, and hasn't had a screaming breakdown fit yet, so she's making the effort on that end of things. i have no idea if she's seen the bf or not. i would guess yes, but i can't prove anything, so we can't call her on it.

and with the rise of the summer heat, comes the rise of saxy's irritability. not one of the worst things for us to deal with, and pretty much a yearly thing, but there are days when i wish he'd put a lid on it and stop acting like miss thang on a bad day. okay, so he's not quite that bad, but his attitude already needs an adjustment half the time. when it gets hot, it's a lot worse because he has a problem with the humidity.

all in all, things are quiet right now. i'm sure they won't be for long, though -- something will come along and mix things up. it always does. it's weird to be enjoying just the usual routines of the household, but i kinda am. probably because i know it could always gets worse and i'd rather deal with the same old same old than things taking a dive downward.

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