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monday, january 7, 2008


the last several months or so have been kind of odd in the respect that a lot of people seem to be "returning". niecsa is only the most recent person to come out of the woodwork recently. i had two relationships blow up late '06/early '07 that have been restored, and now three people have rejoined dii from its distant past. another old friend from high school contacted me as well last year and now we read each other's journals and contact each other via e-mail every now and then. don't get me wrong, i think it's cool, it's just the timing that seems odd. that and the fact that at least one or two of them wanted nothing more to do with me. :P

really, some of this was going on all last year, but it accelerated in the late summer. i know the net tends to have this kind of...flexibility. people drop off the face of the net (and i still have a couple of people who i wonder about from my tsf years), then suddenly pop up again, but this is r.l. people as well. they're just crawling out of the woodwork and generally leaving me amazed, speechless, and quite blessed.

but you have to wonder if there's some hidden meaning behind all this reappearance of past friends. am i being told to get back to my roots? (did i actually ever leave them? i don't know--what were my roots? oh, right, i didn't have any because i've moved at least once for almost every year i've been alive.) do people just need a break from me to figure out how to deal with me? (okay, that one is probably closer to the truth than i would like.) or is it just some freak of nature that my old friends are all coming back into my life now. maybe they are all converging for some sinister means that i can't see yet. or maybe i'm irresistible and it took being away from me for years for them to realize it. yea, right...NOT.

how long will they stay in my life? we shall see if all that charm school pays off and keeps people around. ;)

in other woodworking news, the hub goes back to work for j.e. (new boss, who i am tired of calling the new boss since he's not quite so shiny and new now) on monday. it's too bad it isn't this week, but at least saxy can start making the investment into the saw and the air compressor pay off.

and we won't starve.

and bills just might eventually get paid.

all good things. it will be a tough end of the month as we catch up from his weeks off and try to save our butts in terms of the utilities, but at least the work is there. saxy's forays into the newspaper, craigslist, and atlanta jobs wasn't netting anything at all useful. now things are still a little on the scary side, but not nearly so bad. with the extra tools, hopefully saxy can get all the extra hours he wants or needs.


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