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hay fever . . . sorta
tuesday, january 7, 2003

i swear this is my hay fever season even if it's not really hay fever season in nature. the winds start in early afternoon, bringing in all the dust and mold i'm allergic to in spades. and then there are the constant pressure changes that are making my skull ache. so i have all the symptoms of hay fever - watery eyes, congestion and sniffles, pressure on my nose and forehead, and an achy headache - without actually being prone to hay fever

do you know how hard this makes it to get anything done?

there is no such thing as focus today, and i don't mean being able to see. my concentration is pretty much blown. i've taken 4 ibuprofen already and can't take more until probably 1 or 2 pm and i still ache. it would be better if i still had my flonase, but i ran out of that a couple of weeks ago. i am much less a walking pharmacy than usual these days - half my meds are out and i have no way to refill them because i can't afford the co-pays. i am quite tempted to just crawl back into bed and forget today, but i can't do that every time i feel like this or i would never get anything done.

allergy medication is out. we have some, but it tends to do strange things to me. i have a sensitivity to antihistamines that is just crazy. one medication makes me itch. and non-drowsy anything puts me right to sleep. and i always get this "the elevator is going down" feeling when it hits. i hate that feeling.

as much as i hate the 104 degree heat, i am wishing it was summer. i might be too hot then, but at least i could breathe.

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