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womanhood: yuck!
friday, january 10, 2003
WARNING: men may want to flee now

there are moments when i just hate being female. you guessed it, this is one of them. commercials try to sell this celebration of womanhood kind of thing and i ain't buying it. being a woman is messy, painful, and expensive, as well as downright uncomfortable.

even if you don't go into the cosmetic thing, being a woman is expensive. products for "feminine hygiene" are annoyingly over priced. and have you seen the commercials for these things? of course you have, since they seem to have taken over the gap that cigarettes left behind. who are these guys kidding when they have the actresses act like their products make your period a comfortable thing you can just completely forget about or laugh off? i remember the days when pms and the idea that cramps could be debilitating were considered a delusion created by women to get out of working by 99.9% of the medical community. after all, cramps certainly could not be as bad as child birth and if a woman can do that she can do anything right?

even if you don't have issues with the monthly flow, there's other things to make you uncomfortable. who on earth decided women looked good teetering on high heels and thin enough to fit through a keyhole? so not only do we have to shorten our ham strings to look good, but we also have to starve to death. and back to that make up thing. common wisdom says that women should wear at least something to work (forget that a number of us gave up on that a long time ago). if a guy wears make up to work in most professions, more than likely the boss will be very unhappy with that. but a woman should wear the whole mess if she can. folks, a cheap eye shadow runs $5 for a single shade and we all know to do eye makeup right you have to have at least 3 or 4. that's just eye shadow. then there's foundation, blush, mascara, lipstick, powder and so on. and since when do most men look so much better than women that their faces don't need any help but ours do?

and now that we're allowed to work like a man we're prone to what used to be men only diseases. but we're still the ones who give birth (and get unpaid leave . . . sometimes) and are the home makers and child raisers 90% of the time. look guys, you help make a baby you damn well better help raise it. and no, making money doesn't count, particularly since the woman you made the baby with is probably already working one job and now has mother tattooed forever on her person somewhere. if we're going to deal with the pain, you can change a few diapers and take the kid to the park once in awhile.

ever feel like we're still in the time of the dinosaurs?

so, here's the deal. i'm pmsing in a bad way; feeling like i'm bleeding to death; hating the mess, the expense, and the discomfort, and am in one really nasty mood. being anemic and being female is a really bad combination, to put it mildly. i'm crampy and freaking cold. i've been bundling up for two days now and tired as all get out even when i do sleep. i had my kids and i can't have any more even if i wanted them - which i really do NOT at the moment (i used to want another one, but i really can skip it, honest) - so this whole thing can just go away. add the storm that's moving in and you've got one miserable domynoe. to add to the emotional mess right now, saxy's in a tired, cranky, bad mood as well: no job = not enough money = really unhappy saxy.

aren't you glad you don't live here right now?

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