toss up
monday, january 29, 2007

it's been a busy, emotional week, thus the silence. of course, that's also when some interesting things happen.

well, one interesting thing, anyway. i know i had more i was going to write about, but i'm just too damn tired, freezing to death in my cold house, and trying to finish oru laundry . . . in cold water. bed is looking damn good right now.

anyway, so, as soon as we decide that i'm going to resign subbing because saxy can earn the money i'm earning on top of what he makes part time just be working a full day, i get a call for an interview. and the call isn't from any old school, it's from one of the better schools in the district. for a language arts position. full time. permanent. for next year. and it's not a school i've even managed to sub in yet (i just got on thier list this year, only to be long termed at another school for most of the first half of the year.)


she and i talk for a bit, and then she tells me her name and i couldn't help but start laughing. of course, she asked me what is it. i asked if she knew i was a writer and she said yes, she had seen it on my resumé. so i told her that the name of a main character in one of my novels was the same as hers, spelled different, buyt the same name. maybe i shouldn't have shared that, but it was just too funny, especially since the name is actually very unusul. she's the first person i've spoken to with it as her real name.

anyway, so, the interview is the afternoon of the 7th -- same day i see the hand specialist for the first time (i see the specialist in the morning). when i got off the phone, i told saxy that they must not have really looked at the resumé. the schools i've been working in are nothing like this school -- totally on the opposite end of the financial and population scale. so i'm really surprised that the principle recommended my resumé as one to look at for hiring for next year. but someone else told me that being in the tougher schools might acutally give me an advantage at the better schools since the tough schools prove you can do the job.

as for whether or not i want to get the job or stay home, that's a toss up. the ft/p position will give us a $600+ boost and medical insurence which saxy REALLY needs. and, to be honest, this would be the reason i would take the job -- i literally couldn't afford to turn it down. (however, i have to admit, if the school i was working at for first semester called, it would come with the same deal, but i would turn it down in a heartbeat. i do not need all that extra stress.) however, me staying home and not working has its advantages too, and not just by reducing my stress. it allows me to be ther for my son who needs someone to be home for him when the bus drops him off, it gives saxy more flexibility in getting his second job and less worry about being anywhere for the kids on time, and it allows me to do what i love. the school that called would give froggy the advantage of a good school for one year, maybe even longer if we decide to put her in the affiliated high school.

so, it's a toss up. i'll go into the interview confident and smiling and wanting the job, but it could go either way for me. the job will further kill my writing time, will stress me out more, but it provides 2 things we need plus a benefit for one of our children. not working gives me the writing time and less stress, gives saxy the flexibility, and let's me be available for my son, but keeps our income down and keeps us from getting much needed insurence.

like i said, if offered, i'll take it, but it would work for us either way.

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