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sunday, january 29, 2006

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so, tomorrow is resumé day. i have 13 resumés printed out and 13 schools selected, some ranging a bit far for us but still doable as long as it's for a permanent position. a 14th school already has my resumé and a 15th was removed from the list for several reasons. i doubt either the school already holding the new resumé or the school pulled off the list will hire me anyway. one i've worked for but isn't accepting new students even though they have a team short a teacher. the other, i dunno, there's just something about it i can't even explain. i'll be dropping one off at my son's school though they're unlikely to hire me either - good school, warm atmosphere, probably a low teacher turn over. but on the slim chance they may need a new language arts teacher, i'll take one by - wouldn't want to lose out just because i didn't take a chance.

determining schools took a little bit of time. we'll be ranging a bit further out than i do as a sub and i had to make sure anything i went to was still workable for getting me there and getting saxy back home to get taz on his bus.

having one car and two working adults is hard.

as for froggy, she'll be transferred to wherever i go to make her transportation easier. if i actually got that slim chance and was hired by taz's school, that would be perfect. but i'm not counting on perfect, i'm just hoping for anything. hopefully the resumé is strong enough to get me in somewhere and soon.

i have to admit, i'm just a bit nervous about all this. it's highly unlikely i'll be asked to speak with a principle in terms of an interview tomorrow, but there's always a chance. it's been awhile since i've done interviews. even applying to sub didn't involve an interview. lots of paperwork, yes; and a workshop about subbing, yes; an interview? no. so, i'm really hoping i do okay. i should look okay, although i had to have help picking out "interview" clothes. i just hope i don't sound like an idiot. i've been debating taking my planning stuff from the high school long term position, but am wondering if that may be overkill. i suppose i can take it with me and keep it in the car. if someone does talk to me, i can just tell them i have some samples of my work in the car. they should be willing to let me go get it.

so, i guess i'm pretty much covered. just gotta get through without sounding like an idiot.

i just hope it won't be too tacky to see if the closer schools have any dates they need a sub that they want to prebook. at the very least i'll be letting them know i'm available again.

in happier news, kitten is talking about coming up over the weekend of the 17th. seems she has a 4 day weekend. i'll take whatever i can get from her - when she's finally done with her a.i.t., it's off to germany for 3 years. it's a good thing we did christmas up the way we did. and very cool that i just may be seeing her sooner than i thought.

now, the perfect coolness would be that job.

okay, time to shower and sleep. i may only be dropping off resumés tomorrow, but it's still going to be a long day of driving. sleep would be good. and with my nerves, sleep will be slow in coming. the sooner i'm in bed and resting, the better.

here's hoping!

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