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monday, january 29, 2001
time flies

midterms start next week. that's one crazy thing about the quarter system. it seems like you just started and all of a sudden you're in the middle of midterms. then, before you know it, there's finals and you wonder where all the time went. worse, you wonder if you really can cough up all that information that was just stuffed into your head in such a hurry. one advantage of semesters versus quarters is the ability to actually work with the material and get a good grasp on it before the tests hit. with the quarter system, you really don't have time to think it through or analyze it (which actually makes my mythology class think pieces kind of ironic). no wonder i feel so lost and overwhelmed sometimes. it's too much information too quickly.

next week is also the week that we start looking forward to spring quarter. there isn't much of a break between winter and spring, usually about a week. which also means there's not enough recovery time and i'll be in frantic mode from the get go. why can't they come up with a system that is longer than quarters (too fast) but shorter than semesters (too slow)? it would probably be a lot easier on most students: no time to get bored but a little more time to grasp the material without feeling flooded.

see, this is why i need gaming. it gives me a break in the flow and doesn't require too much work. i can enjoy it without trying to remember technicalities. my website would be another break if it weren't for the tweaking and making sure it all works in both browsers, remembering the code for this or that, working on the graphics, tweaking the graphics and so on, my website could be this break too. but it requires too much thinking. i have decided to try to pin mc down on what's going on, but this may take awhile. he's been spending time with a new girl (yay! for him . . . REALLY!) but, while this can make him difficult to track down, this has not been stated as a reason for his absence. i am going to suggest a day change too and see if that would be more agreeable. yes, i REALLY want to play. this campaign is 4 years in the making and has been played three times in the past, i REALLY don't want to give up on it. of course, if he tells me saxy is the problem, then i guess i better resign myself to giving it up.

i am sure that even without playing, time will still fly and finals will be here before we know it.

and a new quarter will begin.

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