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thursday, january 18, 2007

today i finally went back to work after taking a break when my long term ended. but i didn't end up where i started. in fact, i didn't even end up in the same school.

on my last day of the long term, one of the teachers on the same team booked me for today -- she had a doctor's appointment (she was very pregnant) and was ready to take the full day off (i don't do half days -- they're impossible transportation wise). today i went in and didn't find any sub plans, which was surprising since i was sure she would have done at least that much. even more surprising was when one of the stellar subs walked in (stellar subs stay at the school and get paid whether they work in a classroom or not) and told me she was in there for the day. so down to the office i go to find out what's up.

the teacher hadn't said anything to them about me coming in. even more worrisome, she's been out since the monday after we talked -- almost 2 weeks. the school didn't have any place else they could use me either, so i was, essentially off the hook.

until i called another school to find out about booking i could have sworn they had done but i didn't have on my calendar. the receptionist put me on hold while she went to redirect my call to the sub coordinator, only to come back on and tell me that they could use me today. i agreed, called my husband (who, at this point, thought he was going to pick me up when the kids got off to school and take me home) and told him to just get the kids together, get me, and drag us all down to their school since that's where i would end up working for the day.

while waiting for him to get there, i talked with some of the other teachers and found out that the woman who had booked me had lost her baby. :( she was 7 months along, and she hadn't been feeling well. she went to the doctor and they said she had high blood pressure. a check of the baby revealed no heartbeat.

i can't even imagine.

i was actually a little leery of going to the kids' school for a couple of reasons. i've gotten really soured on the whole subbing thing as it is. it's not getting me anywhere, it takes me away from my writing, and, right now, if saxy is given the whole day, he makes up my income plus what he makes part time. it just seems pointless to spend the extra on the gas when i'm pretty much worn out with the whole deal. secondly, the school has always given me the parental heebie-jeebies since the first day i ever walked in to drop of my resume. but, i figured, subbing there might give me a better picture of how the school is doing than just a drop and run.

the day actually went pretty well. i only had one problem child. she decided to talk after being told that when i was talking, she shouldn't be. she did finally hush for a bit, but was all miss attitude and rolling eyes. as long as she was quiet, i didn't care. we went to lunch and the kids were fairly well behaved in the halls, but i did have a teacher tell me her name so i could be sure to write it down if necessary. once back in the classroom, however, she started up again, this time talking while others were reading (out loud) the story we were working on today. i finally told her to move and pointed to a location that took her away from her chat buddies. she wanted to move one seat ahead of her. she was rude, she argued, and finally shut up, but still refused to move, so i called in an admin. she was removed from the classroom. after that, the day was pretty good.

but, you know, there always has to be one.

it turned out to be an okay day, and they asked me to come back tomorrow, but i'm already booked at school number one. and this time i'm sure to stay and work in the class requested for. such fiascoes don't happen often.

on the way home, however, saxy passes along the following. apparently mcat asked him if he and i had discussed him going full time. uh, no. yes, saxy makes enough to cover both incomes now, but that's all. he'd have to make more to really make it worth it. not that even that would help much with mcat delaying pay days. i'm trying to figure out where my brother gets the idea that we should be "fine" and that a delay on a paycheck doesn't hurt us. he acts like the money we make should be taking care of everything and then some, and it doesn't. we live in a house that's costing $925 a month in rent, at least $500 in utilities (before the phone or the cable), and we have to eat. my checks, in general, just cover the rent. saxy's has to cover utilities, food (which runs us a good $150 or more -- we try, but you can only cut so much out), gas for the truck, and everything else that comes along.

at any rate, me not working probably isn't going to happen any time soon. it's the only way i can keep trying to get that full time, permanent position without getting certified first. (and this is my last year at that mess -- no nibbles this spring/early summer, i start applying to that masters in writing program i've been looking at forever.) it also makes it easier to pay the rent since it all comes out of one check. even if i go into that masters program, i'll be subbing -- i just won't be looking for the full time permanent position for a few years.

(small side note: the linkware is up.)

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