oh, jeeze
tuesday, january 16, 2007

so, apparently, we're not dumb puppies here in domy-land, and it turns out we were quite right to be concerned about the finger. i just got a call this morning from the doctor who looked at it back in december, just before christmas, and she told me that whoever it is who reads the x-rays just got back to her and i have a chip or fracture at the joint.

which explains the pain and swelling that won't go away, not to mention the fact that the damn thing won't bend.

the plan now is to call the x-ray people and have them get my x-rays back to the clinic i usually go to, then see a hand specialist. the referrals desk is supposed to give me a call to set that up, and, unlike the mammogram, i guess i better make it a priority if i want to keep some function in the finger. it's already been 5 or 6 weeks since i slipped and landed on the damn thing.

yes, i'm irritated. this really should have been handled last month. kaiser used to be so much better than this, but maybe that was just the cali kaiser. i haven't chosen a regular doctor because i was under the impression that, as an out of state visitor, i couldn't. so i would see whatever doctor was available, except when the one took me in hand, so to speak. well, she's not with them any more and i was just recently told that, yea, i needed to pick a regular doctor.

thanks for letting me know that in such a timely manner, guys. to think, i could have actually had regular and consistent care all this time!

*rolls eyes*

beyond that, the cold, wet weather is hitting. it started raining late last night and there were road warnings in the highway reports. a lot of accidents from slick and icy roads. it took saxy twice as long to get into work today. i was even concerned about whether or not the kids would go to school today. we haven't had enough time down here to determine what qualifies for a snow day (other than when they took a day or two off to help with the gas crises last year) -- especially since they very rarely get snow out here.

this is one way we're really lucky to be in the south. the humidity might be killer in the summer, but the winters are generally mild compared to the rest of east coast. which is not to say it doesn't get cold -- the winters remind me a lot of cali, actually. not much snow, but wet and cold none the less. it definitely doesn't help with managing the utilities. really, i try to keep the heater down, but i like my nose, and my nose much prefers not to be frozen off. the rest of me does just fine -- my toes are kept toasty in slippers (my toes are always the first thing to get cold, always) and i just add a layer if the rest of me gets cold.

once again, the alden server is down. this is the 3rd or 4th day in a row with issues. the promise is that they'll be installing a new server and getting everyone on the server that's crashing moved within the next 30 days. up until now, i've rarely had any reason to contact the host for technical issues, and they've even worked with me on an extra or two that i've needed for whatever reason. so, for now, i'm sticking it out and waiting at least the 30 days before i consider a move. from my experience, all servers end up with issues at one time or another, and these guys have given me 3 or 4 years of excellent service, so they deserve at least a little loyalty and the 30 days to sort this mess out. in the mean time, the alden.nu pages are going to be spotty at best.

in the mean time, i've decided to try to get some of my linkware back up. i looked through some of my old layouts last night and didn't find anything i really wanted to use. I'll check it again, but if i don't find anything, i'll just make something new. the linkware itself is just sitting on my hard drive, taking up space and not being used by anyone. might as well load it. i'll also try to get my textures, tubes and a few other things up. we'll see -- i was an idiot and actually lost a significant amount of stuff when i last pulled everything off-line. it's either gone forever or lost on the hard drive or on disk somewhere. this time i'll try to keep things up and in some kind of organization so they don't get lost. i hope. no guarantee that i'll make new designs, but i'd like to try every now and then. it's all a part of trying to find some balance in my life, and funs tuff, like making web sets and reading, have been getting the short end of the stick for a long time.

like i need anything else to do these days.

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