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sunday already?
sunday, january 16, 2005

somewhere between last night and this morning i lost a day. it can't be sunday already . . . can it? please don't answer that. the sad thing is that tomorrow may be monday, but it's a holiday so i'm not working. meh. it's even sadder that i would be unhappy about having a holiday when the rest of the world is probably quite pleased about it.

anyway, massive headache is still here and there's not a cloud in the sky. i'm beginning to think it might be some kind of sinus infection or something. doesn't feel quite right to be a sinus infection, but those things, when they get bad enough, sort of take over. am i going to see a doctor? nope. can't afford it even with the insurance. these things usually pass with me. we'll see how long this one takes.

as for the money stuff, we'll make it through. not that i'm any less unhappy/depressed about it, but i know how it goes. generally we get through this stuff. we have in the past, we will again. saxy hasn't been working and that's what put the major brakes on us getting on the stable ground we want or me paying for the praxis tests. he'll either start going back to work for mcat and/or ehf (the other gentleman that has sort of taken saxy under his wing) or he'll find a job. something will sort itself out. in the meantime, we make due as best we can. i hate to tell the landlord it's going to be another month, but you have to do what you have to do. so far he's been understanding, and we've gotten the money to him eventually, so hopefully he'll continue giving us leeway to get this mess all sorted out.

the strict no luxuries rule has to stick though. at least for now.

beyond that, today is going to be a prep and revision day for book 2, maybe some work on book 1. since book 3 actually requires desktop computer time, i'll wait on moving on to the next phase. hopefully later tonight i'll feel up to typing up some of my revisions, but we'll see. the plan is to lay down, take it easy, do the revisions, maybe watch some lotr or something else equally mood enhancing for fantasy work, and that's pretty much about it. maybe it'll help the headache, maybe not. but with my cycle giving me the tireds and not much else at the moment, it'll have to do. even the webwork i have piled up on the to do list will have to wait until i feel more up to being on the pc all day. lord knows there's a lot of it waiting for me to get to, not the least of which is the recoding of past whyspers.

mcat brought shelves over last night. they were originally kitchen cabinets, but work nicely as bookshelves. they even stand on the floor and stack fairly well. he and saxy are going to take a couple of them and try to transform them to a desk as well, and we'll be moving saxy's pc when they do. that's supposed to happen later today. the books can wait until tomorrow to be put on the shelves. still not quite enough shelf space, but there's more than there was, and maybe i can finally save my books from vagner. he's been tearing up the boxes with my books in them, not to get to the books, mind you, but just so he can sharpen his claws.

okay, time for me to go get some space and rest and writing done. for all i know, it's the lack of writing time that's making me stressed out crazy lately - or a good part of what's doing it.

sunday already. not only that, the middle of january already! this year is going to zip by as fast as the last. sigh.

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