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saturday, january 18, 2003

first a clarification. i have been told that servers don't usually tell a person when the account is suspended when they are checking for any kind of usage abuse. however, in this particular case, the host in question was already quickly developing a bad reputation. i know of at least one domain that was hijacked, another person whose credit card was billed after the account was canceled, and other miscellaneous problems with sites disappearing (including a warning email sent telling one customer she had 12 hours to remove some files that weren't even that large in size, only for her to find the account had already been closed down after only 5 hours). not being aware of any wrong on my part, what was i supposed to think? and i still maintain that an email should have been sent informing me of why the account was suspended, even if it occurred after the suspension started, not as a response to me frantically trying to figure out where my domain went but as a courtesy from them without any prompting. however, i seriously doubt these guys care about customer service. and i think my cgi-bin is a loss. the only good news at this point is that i didn't lose nearly as many entries as i thought. a few sites were lost in my rings. everything else is pretty much intact and a lesson has been learned.

second, the whole server thing started a couple of days that i really could have done without. there was a lovely blow up with an idiot teacher, the ex's mother died and i got to pass this on to my children, and i have at least 2 sites to get online. i wasn't writing, and that's one of my stress relievers. so, all in all, i really could have done without the last 3 days.

anyway, one of the things we did yesterday was to finally clean and rearrange my desk. things tend to get stacked everywhere and eventually i can't find anything i'm looking for. part of it ws space problems. despite having 7 short shelves, i never seem to have enough room for everything, particularly the things i want to be able to reach fairly quickly. so we cleared things out and reorganized and came up with more space just by doing a bit of shuffling. we also moved a couple of things into the next room onto shelves with lots of space because no one really uses them for anything except storage. once all the books and folders and blank printer paper was appropriately stacked and put away, i found myself faced with a pile of various papers at least 3" thick. these were the papers i set aside to deal with later.

later is now.

i have loan forms to both get a deferment and to consolidate. those really need to be done. even without the deferment, going from $200 a month to about $95 a month is a good thing at the moment. and there's the grad check paperwork. it's sort of awaiting a final date for the quarter for the degree, so i guess i can't do much with that. then there was old paperwork that is useless now. the circular file has gotten nice and fat the last couple of days. and then there's notes for classes i could teach as well as a sample lesson plan. i need another folder for all that. and i need to fill out the paperwork and finish off my resume and send all that in. it would help if i had a few more classes outlined.

but, most of all, i just need to stop stacking paper work. my scanner ends up under a pile of stuff that should have been done yesterday, my writing notes end up scattered all over the desk, and i end up having to take off half a day just to clean the desk.

i just need to convince my disorganized mind that a clean desk is a good thing.

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