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friday, august 11, 2006

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it's been something of a busy week -- not necessarily in a bad way, but definitely lots of crazy going on. especially with taz. he's just been . . . regressing at a fairly steady downhill rate: temper tantrums, meanness to the animals, disagreeable and uncooperative, not sleeping. like i said, crazy. we think it's a combination of teenagerhood, needing adjustments to his meds, and needing to be in school . . . and possibly a bit of the summer heat thrown in, along with his dislike of storms (which we've been getting almost every night). today we took care of the meds for all the kids, including an increase in one of taz's that we hope will help with the behavior issues.

and school is coming. thank goodness! i've already decided to take the first 2 days off even if i do get called -- i need some peace and quiet. i need a day or two of not contending with youngsters before i go into contended with entire classrooms of youngsters. unless i get a long term (unlikely at this point), i'm taking it easy those two days and ending my summer with the melissa etheridge concert saxy won.

i've spent several days this past week making sure this whole school thing is going to go off with as little error as possible. we spent most of thursday morning at the high school picking up jewel's schedule and trying to take care of scheduling snafus. for some reason they kept her in a.p. history even though i signed her out of that. they gave her the art class, but instead of the chorus class she got a computer class. and they put her in physics this year despite the fact she asked to delay it a year because she has to retake her second semester of chemistry and doesn't want to be taking chemistry and physics together. and i have no problem with that. i don't need miss thang rearing her ugly head again, thank you very much.

we were able to get the chorus/comp class thing taken care of (i told hub about it and he says, "well, they both start with a 'c'." tell ya, he's grumpy as all get out most of the time, but every now and then . . . .), but everything else will have to be dealt with the first week of school. why they can't just give the kids the classes they ask for in the first place, especially when they have parents sign off on them, i don't know. would save a lot of craziness the first few weeks of school.

after we finally got out of there, saxy went to work. when he got home, we were off again to shop for school supplies. we spent almost $200 on 2 backpacks and the supply list for froggy, plus 2 pairs of jeans, a top, and a shoulder bag for taz. the rest of jewel's supplies will come when she has her schedule settled and a list of things we actually need to get for her -- which will probably start very early next week. linnorm covered a good chunk on this, so we'll cover the rest except maybe another freaking scientific calculator. if she needs another of those, we're in trouble, folks. i'm sure linnorm and i can work something out on that, but i'm expecting to spend at least another $100 on stuff for jewel, so i'm really hoping she doesn't need another calculator. even the "cheap" ones are pretty expensive. at least froggy is currently covered. it irritates me a little, though, that we're buying paper towels, kleenex, construction paper, and (this year) reams of printer paper. the schools should be covering all that, not me.

today was supposed to be only doctor appointments, but we got word late last night there was a problem with taz's school change -- he wasn't enrolled there. mind you, this is a switch that the district decided on, not me, but i spent an hour last night looking for the records they would need to enroll him because no one told me about this until last night and the school district dropped the ball on getting him moved over themselves. my choice would be to keep him at the previous school, but i can't provide the transportation and there's some question whether or not the district would even allow me to transfer him like that. if this change mucks him up, i will be one unhappy mama and letting the district know about it in no uncertain terms.

but that mess up meant we had to find froggy's records too (since she was being transferred back in after spending a year at another school) to make sure she was enrolled and go in early, early this morning to make sure everything was taken care of before we took the kids to their doctor appointments. the good news (if you can call it that since i've not been comfortable any time i've gone into this school): froggy is enrolled and we didn't need to go through the process for her. the bad news: taz was not and i did have to enroll him. they did, however, bend over backwards to get him taken care of since he should have been in the system anyway. and we did get out in time for doctor appointments.

two more days. and they're over a weekend so, hopefully, nothing can go wrong or come up that needs to be done last minute. almost there. countdown almost over.

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