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friday, august 4, 2006

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taz had a very good birthday yesterday. heck, it was a pretty good day for all of us, actually. we made it taz's day, and he made activity choices that were okay, so it was a rare day where he didn't get told no. and he managed to keep pretty active most of the day, so none of the behaviors we try to limit during the day showed up either. it ended up being a tantrum, fight free, easy going, nice day, pretty much.

his day really started after breakfast with happy birthdays from me and his sisters and a phone call from linnorm to wish him a happy birthday. linnorm had contacted me via i.m. to ask if he could call. i said he could and let taz answer the phone. they chatted for a bit, and taz was quite excited about it.

after lunch, he went with jewel down to her job at brusters to get a birthday ice cream. i figured the very long walk would help tire him out enough that he would go to sleep at a decent hour despite all the excitement. i was wrong, but more on that later. he apparently got to speak in the drive through order box and thought that was very exciting. and, as usual, the ladies fell in love with him. ;)

while they were gone, the boxes that kitten sent arrived. i opened the boxes, but ended up leaving one of the items in the box for taz to open after dinner. the other stuff got handed out, even if it was taz's birthday stuff. so he got a stuffed turtle and a new ps2 game, ice age II, along with a few other things. he finished off a hot wheels game and started playing ice age. for once, the game seems right about the level he needs to be able to play it without too much help. he pretty much played that until saxy arrived with dinner . . . pizza!

after dinner we did the cake and ice cream thing, and taz took pictures. then we let him open up the last box, which had a tow mater radio controlled truck in it. he won't be able to play with that until he and saxy can do it together because he broke the last 2 radio controlled cars he had by trying to push them with his hands. and we gave him stargate sg-1 season 7. he really did make out this year, lots of clothes, a ps2 game, stargate, the radio controlled truck, a lei, a spiderman cap, and the stuffed turtle (which he took an immediate shine to).

after supper and birthday cake, he took a bath and sat down for an episode of stargate. then it was off to bed. as expected, the day had him pretty wired. unfortunately, it was more wired than we knew and the long walk hadn't helped tucker him. not even upping his night time medicine helped. the kid was awake until 5 am, which meant, of course, that i was up with him too! i'm always afraid he'll go out of his room and get into things if i'm not up to keep an eye on him. he was finally quiet somewhere around 4 or 4:30, so i hope he actually went to sleep, but suspect he didn't. i, on the other hand, couldn't stay up any later.

today hasn't been easy either. because he was so loud last night, he lost his ice age and tv time for the day. he's been argumentative, belligerent, passive-agressive, and generally difficult. lack of sleep, too much excitement yesterday, it's all flowing over to today.

good thing birthdays only happen once a year. an even better thing is that we're seeing his doctor next week and plan to review his meds and his behavior. as much as we understand he's going into teenagerhood, and as much as i know yesterday was disruptive and exciting, i'm seeing some of the issues we had before we found the right meds cropping up again, and they've got to be dealt with for our sanity and everyone's safety, including his own.

but the kid had a good day yesterday. it was probably one of the best birthdays he's ever had. :)

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