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sunday, august 4, 2002

i'm procrastinating. two papers shy of my bachelors and being able to officially say i've graduated with my b.a., i'm completely stalled. some of this has to do with school burn out, a lot has to do with the prof involved, and another good portion is, well, i just want to do other things. i have a novel i'm working on and 3 short stories. i just took the cbest and really need to start working on something in terms of curriculum and lessons.

and yet i spend most of my time on the ps2.

i think i'm on total burn out.

this should be no real surprise. i spent most of last week preparing for the cbest, a 4 hour test from hell that does nothing except gage how well you take tests. (did i really say that out loud? no one tell the national teachers association!) obviously, i'm going to be more of a project teacher whenever possible. i'm too cynical about tests.

we also had my son's birthday yesterday. by the time the day was over, i was exhausted.

and, of course, prior to that, all i can say is 16, 17, and 18 units. my last 3 quarters killed me and my body doesn't want to revive enough for me to have time to do everything i want to do. it doesn't help that everything i want to do could fill any one else's calendar for a month.

so, i have an outline done, but now have to go get ready to take kiddles out. and tomorrow there's clothes shopping for my son, a brief excursion that will exhaust me if only because of the heat factor.

procrastination: the art form of excuses.

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