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wednesday, august 11, 2004

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so i finally sat down and figured out our current budget. i should have done this awhile ago, but have been so caught up in other things that it just hadn't really sunk in that i needed to do this. unfortunately, last night sort of brought the whole budgeting thing up to the front since i have to come up with $500 to cover a deductible that we need as soon as humanly feasible.

see, we went out to dinner in our newly insured car. the whole family this time. i actually could have stayed home, but saxy hasn't had the chance to go out with us and there's a few places we both wanted to visit. i figured we could do this one more time so he'd stop feeling like his family was off having a good time without him. *g* anyway, we then were heading up to wal-mart to pick up the extra school supplies would need. out here, rush hour seems to last as long, if not longer, than it does in l.a. so it was pretty much stop and go traffic. we're halfway to the wal-mart when the truck in front of us starts to go, then stops pretty quickly. saxy starts to go and tries to stop, but didn't quite make it. we weren't going that fast, but our car . . . . *sigh* the ford, being "built ford tough," had a couple chips of paint off it, but no real damage. our car, on the other hand . . . well, we won't be driving for a bit! the whole front grill was demolished, the radiator got pushed back and punctured, and the hood is dented so we can't latch it. we pulled it down and used a zip tie to lock it in place to get it home.

no one was hurt and the good news is that we were insured. at the accident i was okay, trying to calm saxy and kids (froggy started crying, but out of fear, not pain or injury), so the whole mess didn't hit me until i got home and had called the insurance company. then i started stressing and getting upset. yes, i know it was an accident, but i was more than a little upset with saxy. i didn't say anything though. he was doing a damn good job of kicking his own butt and didn't need me to add to it. i've got to get the police report to the insurance company, but the person handling our claim is sending the person out to asses the damage today so we can try to get this processed and the car fixed as quickly as possible.

i really don't want to see what this will do to our insurance rates. *sigh*

anyway, today i decided to look at income and figure out a budget. the money i earn from subbing is supposed to help pay off our past due bills and provide extra as we need it. and, since i haven't been hired or started yet, i can't really count it in the whole income/budget plan anyway. that leaves me with taz's ssi ($159 less than what cali pays), 4 checks from saxy each month, and child support.

and, really, we're going to do fine if we follow the budget. $225 will come out of saxy's last 3 paychecks each month for the rent, and the last of the rent will come out of taz's ssi. we'll be able to eat better (in fact, i think i over budgeted food, but that's okay - it'll be nice to eat a little better than we did in cali). i can make a slightly larger payment to mcat and mjay at the beginning of each month than what they were asking for, and pay the credit card. i may have over budgeted the utilities too, not sure yet, we shall see. i have the car insurance covered (and then some, unless they REALLY hike out payments up!), and the credit card. plus hopefully i'll be able to put $150 a month on bills, and still have some extra for times when checks are smaller or for entertainment.

looking it all over, i'll be able to finagle the $500. it just means taking more out of saxy's last 2 checks for the september rent, cutting back a little on food, and paying minimums to the utility companies. and say has to make sure to deposit his whole check. he can't short me any money, even after we get this managed. and that's going to be the hard part. he tends to "skim" a little off the top, and i understand why - it is his earnings, but right now, we have a mighty big hole to dig out of. i've given us a little padding with the way i set up the budget, but he can't just run off and spend money. after i've paid out everything i need to from his checks, then we can see what's left for him to play with. that way, if he has a short check, or there's a sudden expense, i'm not scrambling to cover things.

but, if we can stick to the plan, there will be no more robbing peter to pay paul bullshit, and that will be nice. getting out of the hole. what a concept!

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