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thursday, august 12, 2004

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not a good day at all. i admit, a large part was my fault - i was up way too late last night, but the storm that moved in didn't help either, and i suspect there's still a bit of a reaction to the accident and all the associated activity surrounding it. the end result: i got up too late to get froggy to her bus in time and, after feeding the kids breakfast, ended up crashing for another 3 hours. since i finally got out of bed, i haven't been productive at all. on days like this, even the adderall doesn't help my focus much. there just isn't enough brain power there to work with i suspect.

i hate days like this and seriously need to remember not to stay up so late that i could subject myself to one of them.

the word on the car is that it's totaled. it doesn't look totaled, but since the insurance company is going to give us the funds to replace it based on what similar cars sell for out here, i'm not going to argue. it's totaled. this means i'm out of a car for a bit. no big. not like i have anything particularly pressing to do. just the license transfer, and since i'm already past 30 days, not much i can do about that. the substitute teacher workshop isn't till september, and i'm not going to go running around for work clothes until i'm actually hired. okay, i might try to pick up one outfit for interviews. the one dress i have isn't bad, but it definitely looks . . . old. well cared for, but old. so maybe a new outfit wouldn't be a bad idea. we'll see. i have to worry about next month's rent and utilities first.

the only "bad" thing is taz. he'll have to stay home until bussing can be arranged. no big except he's temperamental about it.

a good result is that i'll be able to submerge myself in my writing again. i actually finished some chapter revisions last night and typed them up, and man did that feel good! i felt . . . accomplished. the plan today was to start revisions on the next chapter, but, as noted, that kinda hasn't gone so well. i managed to name one creature. lol

it's pretty late, but i really have to try to get something done today. preferably writing related, but the kids are home and desperately need retraining. interrupting/disturbing me every 5 minutes is not allowed when i'm writing, but they seem to have forgotten that, so it can be very frustrating to try to work when they are all here. when i'm already distracted or more easily distractible, it's even harder to get anything done with them all home. it's one of the reasons i work at night - everyone's in bed and i can work in peace.

i just gotta remember: no more truly late nights for me. 2:30 a.m. at the latest.

make that 2:00 a.m. gotta give myself the 1/2 hour to get to sleep. ;)

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