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sunday, august 15, 2004

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have i mentioned how i hate being sick? i'm sure i have, probably repeatedly. this time sick had annoyingly bad timing. the things is i'm expecting a lot of sick this year - we're in a new place, taz and i tend to get sick easy anyway - but, dammit, it could have waited till fall had actually started.

late yesterday i started to have to visit the bathroom a bit more frequently (okay, a lot more frequently) than usual. but when my brother called to invite us to a music festival, things appeared to have slowed down, so we said we'd go. i figured the problem was over, for the most part. wrong. i ended up spending half the evening in the restroom and we had to call and cancel. while i had my concerns about being up and around a lot (bad knees, bad hips, neither of which are appreciating the stairs of our split level home), it sounded like fun. from what mcat said, the music was something we could appreciate, even if we had never heard of the groups before.

some days i hate my body and i hate being anemic even more than usual. yesterday was definitely one of those days. it would have been nice to actually spend time with my brother and family that way. we have a lot of relationship building to do.

in the end, we probably wouldn't have made it anyway. i had called a cab and when i went back into the bathroom for the second time while we were getting ready, saxy canceled said cab. it showed up anyway, and even empty there was no way 5 people would fit into it. it already had 3 passengers. mark off one cab company i will never call again.

today i'm not quite so frequent a visitor to the bathroom, but i am queasy, hot, even with the a.c. on, and sleeping a lot. since i rarely sleep in the day, and usually only when sick, i am definitely down with some little bug. since i'm anemic, i'll keep it for at least a week longer than anyone else would.

as for news on the car, it's been declared totaled. the good news is that the insurance company is supposed to give us a check that would allow us to buy another car of equal value. course, i have to get them a copy of the police report first. i tried friday and kept getting sent to a recording which gave me phone numbers and so on, but when i called the phone numbers i either got no answer, a busy signal, or was routed back to the recording. i think i'd better find a way to walk into the police department records and order the damn thing in person.

okay, i'm going to try to finish editing my last dreaming in ink entry, write another one i have planned, then get back to bed. hell, maybe i'll just write the one i have planned and get back to bed. at least in bed i can revise chapters or something.

i sure wish my tummy would settle down.

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