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tuesday, august 10, 2004

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no vrooming today. we need car insurance, which i am working on this a.m. we're needing a bit of help with the $226 down payment (or, worse, the $670 for 6 months!), so i'm going to be calling saxy's folks in about an hour.

not having the vehicle is actually fine with me. the kids are gone to school and i have some private time without racing around like an idiot to get things done. although the plan is to get something done. so far i've cleaned up my kitchen and i'm working now on clearing my desk so i can actually get some writing done. i've also started some of the dog's training again. we're working on leave it so she learns that not everything on the floor is to be eaten. so far she's ignoring the bag of cheese puffs pretty good. ;)

i'm also trying to find a ring i seem to have . . . misplaced. i was wearing it at the hospital, but my hand was really starting to hurt so i put it in my purse. now it seems to have vanished. it's a ring i got from my mother, and she in turn got it from my now deceased grandmother, so i'm pretty unhappy about the loss. i seriously hope it shows up in my cleaning spree (well, semi-cleaning spree? pretty much just trying to make the desk useful). i'm sure i just tucked it in something or something and can't remember (stupid adhd/anemia).

other than that, i plan to get some writing and revising done today. i think i seriously need the down time, so not being able to drive the car is probably a good thing. not having the kids around, i can kinda relax and just do what i want to do without having to keep track of anyone. it's nice. peaceful. with any luck, i'll actually get some writing done today.

i seriously NEED to write.

and despite the adhd, hectic is not a pace i particularly like. and things have been very hectic. too hectic. the kids going back to school was a month earlier than expected, and there was all the other stuff i needed to do in association with that. and there's been other running around with the utilities and whatnot. i've felt on high speed for the last month and high speed just isn't my thing. i like busy, but i like busy at a much slower pace. lol

hey! just found my ring! :)

time to go finish the unloading of the desk and enjoy the rest of my day. i think it's going to be a good one. :)

tomorrow i can deal with the stress of the dmv and transferring my license.

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