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monday, august 9, 2004

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we have a CAR! and not a trashy, old, beat up car, but a nice and shiny car! it's a '96 mercury mystique and blue and purrrrdy! and it drives wonderfully!

it's been a good day.

it actually didn't start out that way. the hubby apparently misunderstood the time mjay was going to be here to pick up taz for school and to take jewel and me to the high school and finally get that poor kid registered. so i was rushing around a good hour earlier than i needed to be rushing. i took froggy out to meet her bus and was met with an overjoyed dog (our neighbor's) who hit the one spot in my back people who know me have learned to avoid. i tend to curl up in a little ball of agonizing pain when it's hit just right. to add insult to injury, froggy's bus was at least a half an hour late. when froggy's finally off to school, mjay takes us to drop of taz at his school then we're off to jewel's school to get her registered. we're number 49. they're on 17. we wait for a bit and then mjay went to take care of banking business. when she gets back, we're still waiting. we finally get in and got jewel all registered. she'll be starting tomorrow. then it's time for lunch. after lunch it's a quick stop at wal-mart. we bring everything to the house, unload, then wait 30 minutes to go pick up taz from school.

taz had a good first day. he's apparently above his current class level, for the most part, academically. his teacher even let him do the reading for the day. however, his motor skills are definitely delayed and below level, particularly the fine motor. and the staff figured out a way to use taz's tendency to pick up toys and bring them home (primarily so he can spin them while on the bus - his way of self-stimming and destressing). apparently one of the ladies gathered a bunch of toys and things that no longer belonged with anything and put them all in a box. the box is the "treasure chest." if taz has a good day, he gets to pick out a toy to bring home. i'm already liking this class for him. instead of whining that they don't know how to deal with some of his quirks, or that they need ideas of how to handle certain behaviors from the parents, they creatively use his habits to provide rewards and a positive atmosphere. this is very cool. the teacher had also told me they have a policy not to call parents if at all possible, which was a huge problem with the previous school. for a kid who has problem with routine changes, taz was a very happy kid when he got in the car to come home, and he's ready to go tomorrow. a very good thing indeed.

at one point in the day, mjay handed me some screws in a sandwich bag and said i needed to hang onto them for later. we joked about me needing them because of me having a screw loose, but i didn't really pursue it, figuring it was something that had been brought by or would be brought by that would need them. we've had quite a bit of gifting coming our way - bed frames, tables, shelving units, a dresser, and so on. for all i knew, we needed them for the shelving unit that had been brought to us the night before since it had glass doors. so i just tucked them in my purse to give to saxy later.

once everyone's home, saxy tells me he'll be off with mcat watching football and that i don't need to worry about dinner for him. mcat fixed the drier for us (weeeee! no more waiting all day for clothes to dry!), i gave saxy the screws, and the men prepare to take off. then mjay taps at the door and asked about the screws. i told her i had given them to saxy and she said, "well, you'll need them now." and hands me car keys!

CAR KEYS! freaking CAR keys!

my jaw drops and i go outside and there's this pretty car in the driveway and i started crying. it's a beautiful blue with a gray interior. and i got to drive it first! ;) although we really couldn't afford it, i took the kids out to eat, pretty much so i could drive it. it's got a smooth ride, and a quick pick up. an it does do a little vroom when you're trying to speed up a bit. ;)

and i get to drive more tomorrow - i have a kid to take to school (taz's bus won't be set up for at least a week), an account to close, and a driver's license to transfer.

vrooooom vroooom!

a good day indeed! :)

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