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sunday, august 8, 2004

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saxy's dad, tbird, sent saxy a webcam recently and he finally bludgeoned the thing into installing (gods we hate win me) and has since been having way too much fun with it. the very cool thing was i got to see and talk to my oldest in cali. the other cool thing is he's been able to take pictures with it, so we now have some cam pictures of the house to show off. now, bear in mind that i have no furniture so the place looks a mess with the boxes and that these are webcam images. when we get money to pay for developing, i'll put up better pictures of the inside and some pictures of the outside. oh, and we'll be able to get pictures of the upstairs then too - the webcam cord didn't go far enough to show the upstairs at all.

without further ado, our way cool house. :)

our front door
stairs are to the right
dining area and kitchen to the left

vagner & ororo on the stairs to the upstairs
hallway; ro likes to sleep here a lot. :)

the upstairs hallway

vagner looking all pretty

the kitchen - small, but it works
the excess kitchen stuff is stored in the garage ;)

roro on the stairs into my office space
(between my office space and the kitchen)

where my bookshelves will go in my office
saxy's pc will be up against the right wall

my new desk
it covers a bit of one window, but that's okay
i can see into the living room and kitchen
(gotta keep an eye on the kids ;))

the top shelf of my dresser
with my dragons and a couple of bears
including my graduation bear.

it's not very clear but this is
the sliding glass doors into the back yard
between my office space and the living room.
that's vagner's head in the doorway. ;)
roro jumps at moths in the windows at night.

a bit of our backyard
it's a jungle out there!

the living room
as seen from my office area

a closer look at the living room.
our futon couch is laid out because saxy and i sleep there. ;)
and that IS a fireplace in the stone section on the left

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