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finally official
sunday, october 2, 2005

well, i look like chaka khan on a bad hair day (well, old chaka on a bad hair day - you know, the big, fuzzy doo?), but i finally have my georgia driver's license. we spent yesterday trying to get my license switched - which should have been done at least a year ago - from cali to good, ol' georgia. we got there just after they opened (which was at 9, and we would have been there at 8:30 except they moved the office and we had to find the new office), stood in line for a good 30 minutes before we even sat down. we left around 1 or 2, i think, and husband and i spent some alone time together, which was nice.

unfortunately, i've apparently been fighting something since thursday evening and yesterday the sucker hit big time. not quite sure what it was/is, but i pretty much passed out after we were done yesterday and slept till about 9:30 this morning. i rarely get more then 6 hours of sleep a night - i just can't get to bed early enough, usually, which is just as well - my back hates it when i'm in bed longer than 5 or 6 hours. last night i slept about 10 or 11 hours. i had a low grade fever (at least for me - most other people wouldn't have been phased by it and doctors wouldn't have seen any cause for concern, but my normal temp is a degree lower than what's considered normal anyway, so i tend to think i have a fever in the upper ranges of okay for everyone else), had a headache which may or may not have been related, and an upset tummy (which may explains why i didn't eat much when saxy and i went out to eat the other day. (it really was sad - one of our favorite restaurants with vanilla bean cheesecake and i couldn't eat even all the cheesecake!)

beyond all this - being official and sick and in all at the same time - it's been something of a quiet weekend. we couldn't pick up the lawnmower as planned - they're apparently out of season. the good news is the rent's paid, most of the utilities are fairly caught up and can go on weekly payments to make our lives easier, and i've spoken to my army girl a few times since getting the phone. we've also been told that we might be able to buy the place we're renting, so we're starting to look into that a little. it'd be nice to fix the place up, even though it would also cost a bit, and make it a place we're not just content with but really happy to live in. we like the area, we'd just need to make adjustments to the house itself. and the yard. the big question is how to swing it. anyway, so we've started feeling around about how we'd be able to do that. we also haven't taken the comp in yet for the cd-rom, that's planned for . . . well, "soon" is the best response to that question. i haven't managed as much writing and revising as i would like, but i've done a little. now just got to pick up on my reading a bit.

really, despite financial issues and concerns, things are good. i'm happy, despite being sick and looking like chaka on the license. now all i need to do is write up and send the dii newsletter, then go lay back down and rest while working on some writing stuff. maybe watch a little of my birthday present we picked up the other day.

it's nice to finally be official in a place i really like. all it needs for perfect is a little less humidity. okay, a lot less humidity if it were to be perfect for the husband. and a few of our friends to move out here . . . but i've been working on that. ;)

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