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monday 10.02.2000
no hunting

today i was supposed to go job hunting. as i am sure you can tell, i didn't. first, the emce came to play this morning. i don't want to miss playing with emce. we also talked about future things a bit. yes, it is early, but i was questioning previous statements made. right now it is as it should be: we'll see when we get there. and that works for me, especially since there is so much more for me to work out emotionally anyway. so we spent the morning together, then he had to return the truck he borrowed to get here and i sat down to try to figure out my job history.

this is going to be a real trick.

on my resume i have brief sketches of my previous employment up to 1998. yes i worked before that, but didn't work for almost 10 years so not only is it not like it counts or anything, but like i could even BEGIN to remember that. worse yet, i find i can't even begin to remember back to 1998! so i decide to rummage around and see what i can find.

one is on the net still even though at last word it was closed. heck, it gives me all the info for my short term employment there. the next i email my university councilor about...he forwards to the appropriate person. so waiting on a reply. which leaves one other job and i have not much of a clue.

three jobs since 1998, none of them long term. oh this is going to be good...NOT. so i printed out copies of my resume and as soon as i get the info on job number 2 i can go apply and submit the resumes. of course, most employers will look at what i was earning and think they can't pay me enough, when right now i will take just about anything. still, i have to try...the situation is getting pretty desperate here. so i will await the arrival of the info for job 2 and with a slightly less spotty job and resume in hand, go job hunting later this week.

on the better news front, i got a delay on the electric bill that's threatening to be shut off. of course, i still won't have all the money, but it gives me time to try to find some. dr pepper has offered to help and pay half. i'd have almost all the other half except we have to eat. if anybody has that rich uncle they can spare...i really could use him now. as for the rest? well, i am going to write the credit cards and explain the situation. won't do anything but make them angry, but at least i am letting them know why i haven't paid anything of recent. the rest of the bills will be paid in small sums as i can.

and on the great news front, we're finally moving the kids child support accounts of the d.a.'s system...THANK GOD! we have one of the worst child support collection in the nation out here. why? because the d.a. loses checks. because they collect the entire amount they are supposed to in one check, then split that up into 2 payments. they also seem to want to parent paying support to repay ALL welfare that is put out on the kids. plus interest. plus interest on the interest. it has been a nightmare for the kids' dad. no tax returns, threats of having his drivers' license revoked, all kinds of crap. and this is a guy who actually PAYS his support! monday i finally got to pay the declaration pulling the d.a. out of the whole mess.... once they make sure he has paid all arrears child support and all interest.

speaking of which...for some reason the d.a. had a hold on $90 for me. they don't know why. so they are going to release it and send it to me. this is EXACTLY what i need for "my" half of the aforementioned electric bill. wouldn't it be nice if it came in by friday? knowing the d.a. though, i am not holding my breath. blue is a good color on me, just not on my face.

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