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tuesday 10.03.2000
wiped out

i am just totally wiped out and i have no clue why. i could go curl up in bed and become oblivious quite easily right now. this is really unusual for me in general. usually the only time i want to sleep once i have awaked for the day is if i am sick. i don't feel sick. well, i feel queasy, but that's just the wellbutrin. other than that, i feel fine. just wiped out. i went to bed at a reasonable hour last night. can't help it, the claritin knocks me right out about 2 hours after i take it. and i have actually been a very good girl and been taking my medications every day like i am supposed to. rather impressive for me, considering i usually drop them some time around the 10th day. so it's not lack of sleep wiping me out.

maybe it's down time from all of last week's antics. or maybe it's birthday blues (and i always said i'd age gracefully...WRONG!).

regardless, i can't go to bed. one, it would completely trash my schedule. and two, the kids are home. as mentioned previously, taz is difficult to manage. if i have trouble, the girls would find it near to impossible. so no napping. problem is, i can't seem to get motivated for anything else either. ALL i want to do is sleep. so, none of my books look interesting, not creative enough for DominoDesigns, not up to the challenge of saxykam's next section that needs to be done, nothing at all really interests me enough to actually DO it. i even have two new committee pages to make...and i can't find the creativity or the energy to even start.

i did tinker with me at midnight this morning. and we moved things around in lifestyles to cover broader groups and hopefully get more interested sisters. i even played with the forum and got it set up for the "new" teams. so it's not like i didn't get anything done. just not of a mind to do more. we don't even have a t.v. for me stare at mindlessly for a few hours (which really sucks as there are some cool premiers tonight).

the good news is that i DID get stuff done this morning and right now things are peaceful. taz is quietly playing games on the other computer with the youngest girl watching, while second daughter does homework and oldest starts mac & cheese for dinner. after the constant arguments of the last few days, this is really nice. of course, that doesn't mean there's NO problems...just not problems between the kids themselves. (believe me, that is a blessing!)

so i guess the plan tonight is to go to bed early. which will probably make my back hurt tomorrow. but at least for that i can take tylenol.

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