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i'm in
thursday, september 29, 2005

no, not as a full time teacher. trust me, if that we're the case, there'd be a lot more exclamation points up there.

a lot.

but i am now in with verizon. we didn't get me a plan, per se, i'm on pay as you go. this seemed the best option since i don't plan to use it for much, mostly for work. seems i'm always missing a call because i'm not home when they call to reserve some dates, and when i get home no one's in the office to receive the return call. i kinda sorta wanted a phone, but not really--it'd be good for emergency stuff, but not worth the price just for that. however, to keep me from missing jobs, it is very much worth it.

course, no i feel very chained to a phone. if the whole web options stuff wasn't so expensive, it'd be cool, but web stuff is too expensive to use the phone for. heck, i'm not even going to purchase any of the other extras i supposedly can purchase because we need to conserve as much as we can. the phone has become necessary, the extras have not.

i did get a nice flip phone though. figured if i have to be tied to one of these suckers and always reachable, might as well be a phone i like, and i really don't like the non-flip phones. i saw an attractive one today when looking at phones, but the size of them just bugs me.

and we checked on a cd-rom drive for the pc, double checked on the possibility of needing one (versus the virus thing that a couple of best buy people seemed to think was the issue). a geek squad member was walking by while we were talking to one of the sales people and he agreed that the drive just needed replacing. they also said that the fact that i still had a my computer in such good working order showed how much i cared for it. silly as it sounds, that made me feel good. anyway, we found a good sony cd-r/w that will work well for under $70. so we'll be taking my baby in tomorrow and having them install the new driver. if they keep it at all, i'm gonna be freaking this weekend.

speaking of which, saturday i get to renew/update my driver's license. (yes, off topic - expect a lot of that tonight . . . my brain's fuzzy). meh. if i have to take any kind of written test, we are sooooo in trouble.

so, beyond the "gift" of a phone and knowing we'll be dealing with my cd-rom issues soon, it really was kinda a crappy day. saxy and i had a disagreement in the a.m.; my check appeared to be a bit short; i got to work and found out i wasn't really needed for who i'd been booked for for the next 2 days and ended up out in the hot sun, over dressed, and without anything to put up my incredibly thick, heavy, hot hair then spent maybe an hour total in a classroom with a bunch of kids who couldn't settle down for longer than 2 minutes. so, all in all, we're just lucky i had enough presence of mind to avoid the bookstore and not buy myself into a stupor to cheer myself up.

at any rate, i'm tired, my brain is fuzzy, my husband is off trying to buy a cheep lawnmower and i should shower so we can makeup.

i just had to share that i'm in. this is an amazing thing for a woman who's never been in in her life. couldn't get more out than me - out of the mainstream and always made fun of by those who were in. okay, so i'm more than likely still going to be those things, but at least i'm in somewhere, even if it is just phone service for a phone i wasn't too sure i really wanted anyway.

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