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tuesday, january 25, 2005

i thought i wouldn't be going in to sub today and ended up being called by taz's school - the only school i could have accepted. honestly, with the way the day went, i probably should have stayed home. granted, less money in the long run, but a whole heck of a better day would have been happening in the short.

i actually got called by my other major middle school today as well, but turned it down because saxy had an early work day and a ride. with him getting a ride, i needed to be home to make sure taz was picked up by his bus or had a way in to school. which made his school the only one i could have accepted a subbing job from today. and i got it, but i almost wish i hadn't. for starters, we were off to a late start. i had no plans to work. so i got there just as the first bell rang. at least i had a lunch with me and my makeup on.

but the classes! well, more like the students! i just may add resource classes to my list of no-no's after today! i think i had a total of 15 students, maybe 20, and all but maybe 4 of them had total attitude. i never thought i would ever feel overwhelmed by a class of less than 10, but these kids managed it rather consistently. it didn't help that we couldn't find the sub plans or a schedule and things had to be pulled together last minute. the only argumentative bunch i've ever had that was worse was the high school class where the one young lady had to be taken out by an administrator. i'm telling you, these boys are well on their way to similar high school experiences.

some kids just really make me appreciate my own children all the more, i'm telling you.

the teacher did show up later because of a meeting, and then we found the plans, only because she showed us. her admonishment of the class lasted maybe 5 or 10 minutes after she left the room. i think this is my first truly bad day at taz's school ever.

coming home was nice in its own way - quiet, away from hell kids. almost as soon as i got in the driveway, saxy was off to return a dvd we picked up for the kids (it's going on moratorium at the end of the month, so we have to get a new copy soon - or get linnorm to do it) so we could get food, gas, and oil. yep, we're down to hocking stuff. big check at the end of the month is all slated for rent and saxy's checks are keeping us alive. taz's will have to unbury the checking account, assuming it survives that long.

and it turns out my poor saxy is getting sick yet again. of all of us, he's the one being hit the hardest from the move. i would have thought i'd be the one dealing with after move stress and getting sick, and maybe taz since he tended to get sick a lot in cali. but, no, we're doing fine. froggy has always been healthy as a horse, and jewel generally doesn't do too badly either, so them not getting sick isn't a major surprise, really. but this is saxy's second or third nasty since we moved. i think it's just a little irritating to him that he's the one always getting sick.

one good things did happen today. when we went to the collective soul concert, we picked up some goodies - a poster for the new album, a mini poster of the album cover, and a few other things. saxy and i got the poster (mine) and the album cover (his) autographed by the boys. the next day while i was at work, saxy went and took my poster in for framing. well, it came in today. as soon as we got the call, saxy was off to pick it up (even though he had to miss the end of american idol to do so).

it's absolutely gorgeous! saxy picked out the matting and framing, and got the poster itself laminated to remove all the folds and protect it. you can see one spot where the staple was, but it's not all that bad - hardly noticeable at all in the big picture. the matting he picked out was this faintly mottled blue-gray and the frame itself is black. it really sets off the poster itself well. it's beautiful. the signatures all look great. i just can't get over how gorgeous it came out! we even hung it tonight, so now i can see my boys any time i want.

okay, i could have done that anyway just by looking at an album or two.

but even though it was a bad idea because of the money, saxy did a good thing. and it really made my day today.

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the immaterial essence or substance, animating principle, or actuating cause of life or of the individual life; the psychical or spiritual principle in general shared by or embodied in individual human beings or all beings having a rational and spiritual nature; the psychical or spiritual nature of the universe related to the physical world as the human soul to the human body; the immortal part of man having permanent individual existence; a person's total self in its living unity and wholeness; a seat of real life, vitality, or action; an animating or essential part; a vital principle actuating something; man's moral and emotional nature as distinguished from his mind or intellect; the quality of expression that effectively presents or arouses emotion and sentiment; a manifestation (as affection, generosity, charity, sympathy) of the moral nature; spiritual or moral force; human being; one having a good or noble quality in the highest degree

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