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saturday, january 25, 2003

i will never understand computer virus makers. hackers i can kinda get because most of them get something, even if it's a credit card that will allow them to get something else. greed is comprehensible, especially in our current society. and i can almost see virus makers who are trying to target big corporations. corporations tend to piss people off, especially microsoft when it comes to computers, so it's understandable they would be targets. but so far as i can tell, most virus makers aren't after big corporations. these little morons are after anybody with a damn computer.

they get a kick out of wrecking havock and destroying the property of thousands, even millions, of people they don't know. people who haven't done crap to them. and the idiots probably don;t even think about whether or not someone needs their computer to work, or that a good percentage of those people can't afford to repair or replace a $2,000 machine. hell it probably never crosses their minds that they just might be depriving someone of his or her livelihood. and if it did, they'd love the idea.

remember klez? god, i can't count the times norton's had to delete that sucker from my email before it hit my hard drive. yes, i have norton's set to delete before anything nasty hits my machine. and if i get a strange file i didn't ask for? it's gone. i go directly into my attachments and remove it. i remember the days when i used to open greeting cards that were in .exe files. not any more. i don't care if i know you or not. there's enough freaking viruses that take over machine and mail themselves out now that anything coming into my email as an attachment is suspect. even freaking web pages aren't safe any more because virus makers get their jollies off making the net an unsafe to be.

the sad thing is that most these guys are probably pretty smart and here they are wasting those smarts. yes, wasting them. wrecking havoc and destroying peace of mind and property is a waste. just think what those minds could achieve if they applied those smarts to doing things for people instead of doing things to hurt people. despite being intelligent, these people have incredibly small minds.

too bad we live in an age when doing things for people is going out of style.

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