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the quiet review
monday, march 25, 2002
total points: 11/15

splash/design/layout: 3/4
she gets the bonus point for the splash page, but i'd personally like to see the design centered on the page. we did discuss this and she said the css died when she centered it, but it is still my preference to see designs like this centered in the browser. other than that, i love most of her layout and design! perhaps my least favorite is into the sky, but soul on soul ROCKS! as does somewhere in my secret heart. and the anime is great, although i do think she needs a credit link if she picked the images up or had them drawn for her. at least a name would be nice. ;)

contact/navigation: 2/4
1 point for the guestbook. unfortunately, not only does she not have the navigation available in each subsite, but most of the pages don't even have a home/ link. the 2 sections that do link to the splash page instead of the contents page, so there's a lot of extra clicking for anyone who might be exploring the whole site.

annoyances: 4/4
absolutely none. but i expect that of kel since she and i share some of the same annoyances. lol

interaction/content: 2/3
a journal, the first draft of a novel, and freewrites - if you're a reader, this is a place to go! there's plenty to keep a visitor busy. she even has a couple of hosted sites. but i think she could easily have a clique or webring, some tubes or something for download (she's obviously graphics capable), or even some writing resources since she's a writer.

"i do not want to teach a lesson, only to share. these are my steps, my beliefs, my musings. i respect that everyone has their own, and i would never seek to place mine upon anyone else. take what you please and leave the rest."
this just stands on its own without my smart mouth. ;)

"VISITS Total: 3000
not counting my own. counts from the middle of october. woah"

it's quite possible most of those are mine...but i doubt it.

"I write to express myself, to work out and understand the feelings that go through me. There are moments that strike me, emotions that grasp me, that impress themselves upon my mind like snapshots."
can i borrow your camera?

i visit her journal all the time, but i really need to take some time out and play around on the rest of her site a bit more. she's got exquisite style, the pages don't overwhelm with pictures or text.

i didn't include daria in this review as it's not on her main url.

site of the moment:
site of the moment:
word of the moment: deliberateness

noun form of deliberate: characterized/ resulting from careful and thorough consideration, or awareness of the consequences; slow, unhurried, and steady as though allowing time for decision on each action involved