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thursday, march 14, 2019

yea, still working on time and routines and things. funny thing is, i'm busy. with what? couldn't tell you. i mean, really, most of what i do shouldn't be so time consuming, except mondays and fridays (video days are always take up the whole day). i don't even wear makeup every day (and with the channel, i should be wearing it more than i do, really). but i do take care of my hair every day, and that...yea, okay so maybe it's the hair?

anyway, so monday and friday are video days; tuesday, thursday, and saturday are lifting days; saturday also includes cleaning the kitchen while thursday is changing the bed and doing the laundry day (it's a long day); sunday i go live on fb, which is kind of made up for by being up longer on thursdays because 2 a.m. friday is payday; and tuesday i cook, but i do dishes every night. those are kind of the anchors of my week, though everything else is fairly flexible.

i'm editing a friend's novel. i try to hit it every evening, though some days it gets away from me. for the time being, this has taken over any writing time. i'm also doing some work on the channel that's taking up a bit more time, but it's to protect my kiddo from a particularly nasty troll i seem to have picked up. and i'm supposed to be backing up at least our cupcake recipes i(though preferrably all of them), but that will wait until the channel work is finished. i'm also the major grocery shopper, appointment maker, bill payer (thus the long thursdays)

so, yea, it's the hair. and the edits. because seriously, i have other stuff listed that i also never get to. on the plus side, the workouts are finally becoming consistent. that was one of the first major things i wanted to make sure was happening consistently. it actually seems to be happening now, so i'm pretty pleased with that.

and honestly? my life is pretty boring unless something out of the ordinary happens. we have optical appointments next week, i have a rescheduled check up with a new doctor the week after (rescheduled because i'm an idiot and didn't put my bp meds in my pill box so didn't take it for about a week; appointment was to check on how the bp meds are working).

i did plant my peppers this weekend. evening temps are still low, but we're keeping the peppers in doors. about a week and a half ago, we brought in the boxes, filled them with soil, and i added miracle grow and epsom salts to replenish it (we reuse soil). i got all that wet and turned over the soil twice. i'm just hoping the length of time helped get some of that into the soil for the plants. i planted the peppers now because they'll take the longest to get to harvest. i've also planted them in the boxes that they'll stay in since transplanting can cause delays as the plants readjust.

we're going a bit light on our garden this year, mostly because of money. no new seeds are being purchased, so it'll be stuff we had last year that we still have seeds for. i'm also considering only doing tomatoes, cucumbers, and maybe watermelons this year as we've had issues with squash the last two years. i may need to ease into them. or something. also, borers are a bitch and to get rid of them i need stuff i have to buy...and as i noted above, i'm not buying this season if i can help it. at any rate, the remaining boxes will be planted when the weather is finally and firmly warmer. peppers take longer than the others so i wanted their seeds in the soil as soon as possible.

it has otherwise been pretty quiet the last few weeks. i'm behind on everything, but it's been quiet. my biggest problems so far have been trying not eat all. the. time. i swear, i don't know if it's the cold or the lifting or both, but i'm hungry all the time lately. and half the time, i'm craving sweets. it's driving me a bit bonkers.

so i'm honestly not trying to ignore whysper. i just don't have much to say when i have the time, and don't seem to have the time when i have something to say, and am otherwise boring. and, apparently, busy. somehow.


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