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thursday, march 28, 2019

finally a week that was actually different. quite a bit different, actually. as in almost totally off routine for at least two days. and i can actually tell you about it! along with a few other things.

it's actually been a good week (last week was pretty much more of me not having a clue what i did so much of that i've not been around). the temps are finally going up (the pepper boxes spent some time outside today even). the nights are still damn cold though (i would never survive canada, i swear). last night i actually wore my winter flannels to bed cuz it was cold! obviously, nothing has sprouted yet, and i'm considering waiting until we see something from the peppers before i plant everything else (though the tomatoes can tolerate lower temps than peppers).

other things are going fairly well too: i've added two days of walking (as long as it's sunny and warm enough to tolerate, which is cooler than if i were just going out to chill since i warm up while walking) and am making my three days of weight lifting most weeks. filming is also on track. writing and editing are still a struggle, but the habits are falling into place, so i'm expecting these to eventually do so as well. overall, things have been pretty good.

this week, however, was different. tuesday we went to see captain marvel. i didn't lift because of time (my lifting days are tuesday, thursday, and saturday; walking wednesday and sunday) and waking up a bit on the late side (still struggling with the sinuses). we were supposed to go grab dinner beforehand, but i made us late (it's the hair, i swear), which actually ended up being fine. we don't go to movies in theaters often, even with $5 tuesdays at this one theater. we pick them very carefully, and captain marvel was a question mark until we started seeing so many positive reviews and all the hype around the cat (to be fair, hubs and kiddo always wanted to see it in the theater; i was sucked in by the reviews of the cat, what can i say?). and maybe it was too much "oh goose is so cool!" reviews and so on, but i was a little let down by the cat. he was a cool cat, i just expected a bit more from everything everyone was saying. the movie did rock though, and i loved how she stepped up in ways that didn't bow to the patriarchal idea of how women "should" step up. and of course my boys loved it. hubs often has trouble staying awake, but this time it wasn't a problem.

i suspect it won't be a problem for end game either. ;)

i also didn't walk wednesday because i had a doctor's appointment. see, the previous p.a. decided she didn't believe the med i told i was on for my bp was correct, so she prescribed it for only one month and wanted me to come back to make sure it was doing its job. just as well since i probably would have had to go back eventually anyway because my "not a sinus infection" issues, while better, still weren't clearing up...and i had a diagnostic mammo to schedule as well (which will be happening in two weeks). when i scheduled the new appointment, i made it clear i wanted to see someone else, and they scheduled me with a new "doctor" (an fnp-c, versus a pa-c, but i'll roll with it).

guys, she ROCKED! i'm not even all that worried about her being a specialized nurse over a physician's assistant. she LISTENED to me. we did check the bp med (on the border but doing what it needs to do, and it should get better the longer i'm on it and as my body composition changes), and we discussed the sinus situation (which she checked and said, "yep, they look puffy and irritated." and promptly prescribed amoxicillin). but i also wanted to make sure we were on the same page regarding everything else, including my decision to not stress myself out over losing weight and working on building muscle instead. what was interesting were some of her reactions. she was very surprised that i lift 40-75 minutes a day 3 days a week. then even more shocked when i told her the previous woman told me what i was doing wasn't enough and dismissed my dishes 'n dancin' without even asking how long i do it, how many days, my minimum calorie burn, or anything. she was fine with my plans, agreed i was doing a lot, and if that wasn't making my weight budge, i shouldn't make myself stress crazy over it. or at least she didn't disagree. she did say she thought i was doing fine in the activity department even without the walking thrown in, so i'm content and think we're all on the same page in that regard.

then she took it one step further and got the office manager involved. apparently they want to make sure the patients are happy and taken care of. and i really felt both women listened to me. i'm really happy with my new fnp. and i've only been on the amox since yesterday evening, but i'm already feeling better and less stuffy, and the pain and pressure in my sinuses is already fading. thank goodness. and bonus, it should help with a few other concerns.

THEN (yes there's more), i had to discuss the whole mammogram thing with their in house specialist scheduling (a thing that i think is so cool). problem was they only schedule for mondays, but hubs is only off on wednesdays, and extra days hurt us quite a bit. so they did some finagling and i now have a wednesday appointment. we also finally requested my records from kaiser and the last place we saw a doctor. honestly, i'm not too worried about the anomaly they're concerned about. i've had an abnormal in the same breast for years now, and no one previously seemed too concerned after their diagnostics. i think it showed up towards the end of when i developed a number of cysts. two of those cysts had to be removed, the others are pretty much scattered over my body, and i occasionally get a new one. at any rate, they worked with me to make this happen, which is cool. i'm really liking this particular doctor's office.

today it was back to my lifting and all my usual long thursday stuff, but i'm feeling better. i got a lot of sleep, my nose is in less pain and my breathing through it is easier, so it's been much easier to get to work on my thursday only tasks. now i get to do some take care of me stuff like doing my nails as well as finish things like laundry. had my busy fun, did my busy work, and now it's mostly time to busy relax. and i think i'll do that with a cup of tea since the temps appear to be dropping again.


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