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sneeze away
friday, march 28, 2003

from the way i've been threatening to lose brain cells lately, one would really think i am prone to hay fever, which i'm not. i do have allergies, but hey fever isn't one of them. no, i am blessed with more persistent, year round allergies: mold and house dust. and they don't usually make me sneeze. i get congested, i get headaches, but i don't sneeze. usually, anyway.

but for the last week or so, i've been sneezing my head off.

i would blame it on the blasted wind we've been having, but that's only been going on for a few days. and i haven't been out much anyway. we do have the doors or windows open occasionally, but i am sneezing all day long.

and i can't blame the cat or the dog - they've been in the house too long.

i thought maybe i was coming down with something (what else is new, blea), but i only started to feel under the weather yesterday. i get sick easy, but whatever i get sick with doesn't usually take over a week to develop. no, my anemia makes sure that illness hits me rather quickly . . . and stays for a long time.

can you develop hey fever as an older adult?

lord, i hope not. it's not like i really need one more medical issue to deal with. or one more allergy, for that matter. house dust, mold, plus asthma when it gets cold and damp. that really is more than enough for "healthy" people, much less medical wrecks like me.

i really do hope this sneezing extravaganza ceases soon. i would really like to keep the few brain cells i have left.

almost completely unrelated: i get to see me neurologist for the adhd in may. my regular doctor is booked, so i just have to keep calling. but i should be back on meds before summer hits . . . i hope.

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