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thursday, june 19, 2014

i suppose i should get the bad news out of the way first: hubs was let go from his secondary job. alma let him go because of having more staff than they can comfortably schedule, and he had the least amount of time there. he's worried about the money, but i suspect he's relieved in some ways as well since he really wasn't happy there. it's only a couple shifts a week, but a loss of $500 a month is about a quarter of our income. things were already tight, now i may end up having to go back to round-robining our bill payments, and forget making payments for our medical bills. at least, if he doesn't find a way to recoup those shifts somewhere and soon. interestingly enough, i'm not nearly as freaked out about it as he is. i am upset that dragon con has now gone from maybe to it would take a miracle, but i know he'll find something. his chefs know he's passionate and serious. they'll keep their ears to the fifth group ground for him and try to come up with more shifts for him where they can (he's still at el taco and on call with bold). and if not, he can look elsewhere. he's a good chef. something will come up for him. and it may even be an opportunity to try a few different cuisine restaurants or even a food truck (we've discussed this as an option for him as he's now pretty sure he doesn't want to have a full-fledged restaurant, but catering which he loves is too seasonal). i hope he finds something quickly so we don't end up in real trouble, but for now, scaling back where i can and getting ready to rob peter to pay paul. i really should be more freaked out about it than i am—short checks always make me nervous—but we'll make it through as long as it doesn't go on too long.

and now i can go on to better news. first, taz has a job. it's not a big job—one day a week (3-4 hours at most) with Wendy's. he likes being there. they didn't schedule him this week (his day is tuesdays but his sister has to be scheduled at the same time), and while he wasn't upset, he also missed it. he's getting his second paycheck this upcoming tuesday, and i told him someone will take him to go get a few books. he's already used his money to pay his meds co-pay and buy bananas for his snack. it's maybe $80 a month at most, but it will let him get little things now and then, and he's very proud of it. i'm just glad it lasted longer than a week or two. i reported it to social security (well, sorta, had to leave a message), but the amount is so small, i don't think it will make much of a difference in his ssi payment. it might, but kinda hoping not since ssi pays the majority of the rent.

we've also gotten news that hub's mum is planning to come out this fall to see us. she's seen hubs only once since we moved out here over a decade ago, the kids not at all, and has yet to meet her great-grandchildren. with dragon con now a "miracle has to happen for us to go" event, hub's plan now is to take his vacation at taco when she's here so he can spend time with her (he would have taken it for con otherwise). he's already planning two dinners: one for the three of us when froggy and taz are working and one for the whole family. i'm looking forward to seeing her again and the food. hubs really does rock it as a chef. ;)

the writing and the weight loss are both going insanely slow right now, but both are finally moving forward again. my weight has been stuck in the same 5 pound range since mid-december, so it's nice to see it finally budging. one of the things i think was happening over the last 6 months was more defining of muscles, which is fine, but not quite what i'm looking for yet—though it really is nice to feel the differences in my abs, legs, butt, and (a bit less so, but there) arms. i've made some recent changes that seem to have helped. first, i stopped relying on the fitbit for calories burned. the problem is when the calories imported to lose it, they always came at the end of the day and were always less than the actual workout. this caused two problems: having to eat later in the day to make sure i was getting enough food to cover the workout (which reinforced my night time snacking habit that i want to break) and underestimating the calorie burn so it was hard to make sure i was eating enough. i've gone back to using the full burn at the time i exercise. second change is rather than eating half my exercise calories to cover the activity, i aim for a net cals of 1100-1400. this sometimes means eating quite a bit more than one would expect since my exercise burns anywhere from 500-800 calories a session. third, i reduced my weights sessions to twice a week rather than every other day. when i'm closer to my goal weight, i'll increase the days per week to put more focus on toning, but right now, i need that cardio burn. i've also had to stop my walking again (too hot) and picked up turbo jam for my new summer workout (which i'm using in combo with zumba). this fall i'll go back to walking and am hoping i can find a way to get beachbody's new piyo program. i've already been warned it's likely to be pricey, so not really holding my breath. it may have to be a tax return purchase. i've got plenty to keep me busy and help me change up my workouts (which you need to do every few months) until i can pick it up.

finally, we have a new boy in the house, a very friendly stray that i've seen around the complex a few and wandered into our house one day. please meet remy gambit lebeau....

what you can't see in these pictures is how symmetrical is back markings are or fluffy and long his tail is or his beautiful green-gold eyes. he is a gorgeous boy (no, really; yes, he's tabby, but a beautiful tabby). he's also a bit of a punk. lol he learned pretty quickly to leave ororo alone, but he and logan seem to be working out a friendship of sorts. he and rogue have issues though. from what we can tell (since we can't afford a vet at the moment), he's young, maybe a year old, and he has to have been an abandoned kitty since he's very friendly. i was worried about him being so friendly and out and about, to be honest. there are a lot of dogs in the area, and i also didn't want to risk him being hit or having kids hurt him. and, yea, i've been ready to get a new cat, but a kitten would be a bad idea with logan's behavior of late, and rogue's possessiveness of her mommy, and ororo in general. froggy and i argued over him a bit, but in the end, i think he's more taz's than hers or mine—he really like's the boy's room and bed. he's very playful, which has our adult cats confused. lol

summer is already warming up. they say it's supposed to be a mild hurricane season, but we'll see. nothing sighted yet, but it's been humid and wet. kiddo and i are settling into something of a routine, and he seems to be doing okay being out of school. so, other than the job bump, things are going okay. let's just hope the bump is precisely that: a little bump that won't last long and land saxy in a better place.

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