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thursday, july 17, 2014

it is turning into a really quiet summer, though that seems to be the trend over the past few years. even the 4th was pretty quiet this year. saxy hasn't begun looking for something to replace the two or three shifts he's missing now. i suspect he'll wait until after his mom comes out to avoid risking his time with her then. it does mean having to be careful with the money between now and then since we're talking of a loss of about $200 per paycheck. that's a car payment or food for those two weeks. he actually may not look for something new until january, come to think of it. by the time his mom leaves, the catering company may have more for him because of the holiday parties gearing up.

and in the midst of this, linnorm wants to cut back his support for taz because taz is working one day a week. really, the kid gets maybe $30 a check and was using it to pay for his meds, buy books, and we were going to start replacing some of his clothes, but now, i guess that's not going to happen, and we'll have to stop buying books. and since the support is voluntary, i really can't do anything about it. it's not like taking care of him will get cheaper, but whatever. he's done without extras this long, i guess he can keep doing so. (which is not to say he never gets extras, but it does tend to be rare.)

other than the usual financial dustups (because, seriously, when do we not have a financial dustup), things are quiet. boyo is falling into routine with his chores to the point where he'll work on things when i'm asleep. he's still more obsessed with tv and all that than i would like, but froggy takes him to the pool with her occasionally, and he does go to the store with us. not walking so much these days if i can avoid it—too damn hot and humid—but sometimes we still have to make a walking trip to the farmer's market. it's easier now that we have an actual sidewalk all the way (they just put it in over the last month or two). hubs has had to start giving up the tv a little earlier since it;s hard for me to wait 2 hours to workout (i can't eat before i exercise since it makes me sick, but waiting too long to eat after i get up also makes me sick), but he has more time to watch now plus he watches some things on his kindle fire.

so our days are pretty much the same right now. hubs gets up and watches some tv, i get up later and workout. while i'm working out, most days he heads off for work. when i'm done, kiddo gets to work on chores while i eat and shower (saturday and sunday, he finishes up anything before i get up). i manage small things around the house, phone calls, errands, whatever. then i make dinner, do dishes, have a smoothie, and sit down to write and watch tv. sometimes i manage to get words in, sometimes not. kiddo goes to bed around 10, hubs gets home around 11:30 and usually hits bed right away, i do yoga around 2:30 AM then head off to read for a bit before i pass out. it's pretty dull, but somehow, i'm always busy. used to be that the days when everyone was gone was when i got the most done. for some reason, that's not true now. i'm not sure if it's because it interrupts the routine or if it's just me feeling less pressured and relaxing more.

the only other thing going on is the bug fight. i spray my kitchen to death every week, but i can't afford to spray the whole house (and the "service" sent by the complex is atrocious), and even if i could, we're in an apartment complex. everything runs away when i spray, then comes back when someone else sprays. it drives me nuts. but as a result, i'm starting to collect storage boxes of all kinds. right now the focus is protecting the kitchen. eventually i plan to get larger lock down type plastic boxes and start packing up books and dvds and unpacking the cardboard boxes (which honestly scares the bejeebus out of me since bugs seems to love cardboard boxes), cleaning things up as necessary, and repacking all that in lock down boxes. i need to find a way to set aside some money to get mattresses and protective covers for the living room so i can toss the couches that i know are housing the monsters as well, but one thing at a time. on the plus side, with the way it's going, moving will be easier. :P

that's assuming it happens ANY time soon. looks like the laptop is on the list for replacement with next year's taxes. and i still need to replace my wardrobe with things that fit. and i'm sure other things will come up between now and then...like something for the car. but for right now, i'm cleaning and packing gradually and randomly and spraying like a crazy woman.

so, yea, it's pretty much more of the same. just looking forward to the weather cooling so i can walk again. until then, i expect it to continue to be more of the same. maybe that's why july, and the summer overall, has fewer entries. well, okay, there's been fewer entries of late anyway...but that's typical of not having a lot going on. it's nice to have it be quiet with few waves. here's hoping it stays that way awhile longer.

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