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thursday, june 5, 2014

summer's here. kiddo is out of school, for good now, the heat is on, and the lazy has been hitting for a few weeks now. this isn't necessarily a problem except....

the writing is happening sporadically at best, not at all at worst.

i need to develop a routine for the kiddo since he no longer has school, and so far, that hasn't been happening. not a major big deal yet—he did just get out of school and deserves down time as much as anyone else.

things that should be getting done aren't getting done. granted, none of those things need to be done right now, but the longer i don't do them the harder it will be to get to them. i know this from having certain web projects that have been sitting for months. every time i look at them, i'm less inclined to do them, so they keep getting put off. and some of the things i need to tackle here at the house are bigger projects than web stuff. heck, pretty much all of them are.

and with all this stuff waiting for me to "get to it," i'm just coasting. mostly. i do my exercise, i get dinner and dishes done, we're working out a new schedule for chores (since hubs is also on a new work schedule), so the basics are being done. but in between? i end up on tumblr. or facebook. or just perusing the net. or staring at the tv (even when the psIII is on with music and it's just one of the various patterns you can have going with the music; no, seriously). it's like the brain just...shuts down.

summer tends to be the time when i'm pretty...slow anyway. every year, summer comes and i don't quite shut down, but i definitely have a harder time getting moving and getting things done. me and heat just don't mix well. but this year was also plagued with the cold that wouldn't quit and that had me huddled under blankets most of the time. i can't take yet another three months of coasting like this, but i also have no idea how to kick my own butt and get moving again.

you'd think having kiddo home would make this easier since it's in his best interest to keep him occupied with something other than tv, but there's not a lot he's remotely interested in, and with the cupcake business on hold for the moment, there really isn't a whole to occupy him with. i'm not ready for the pool (give my another 40 pounds gone and i might be ready with a one piece suit, but that won't be THIS summer, lol), froggy is busy with work and needs a new swimsuit before she can go to the pool anyway, and without a car/money, there's not a whole lot of places we can go to together.

i do plan to do some major cleaning of the house this summer—clearing closets and rooms, repacking things more neatly (a lot of stuff is still in the scramble/rushed boxing from the original move), maybe even start taking things out of the cardboard boxes and repacking into plastic crates because of the bug problems we've been having (plus better/more stable stacking that way). it's just a matter of picking a room and getting started. well, i actually know which room i'd start with, so it's just a matter of getting started.

i suppose a bit of coasting isn't a problem right now. changing schedules and routines, the coming of the summer heat, hurricane season starting...that's a lot of disruption going on. boyo is adjusting to being out of school full time and a job he goes to once a week. a bit of down time as these changes kick in isn't a bad thing. i'm just usually always going, always getting SOMETHING done (even if it's a small thing), so coasting along bothers me. i probably need to learn to not let it, i just hate that sense that i may be letting someone down or not doing something i said i would do.

yea, i really need to learn to cut myself some slack occasionally. lol

so maybe a little coasting right now is just the thing i need to do. except...laundry is waiting.... ;)

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