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thursday, june 5, 2003

it seems i am always following in the footsteps of others when doing "me-mes" like, for example, 100 things and other getting to know you lists. so i thought i would sort of create my own, "sort of" because i know there is at least one weekly journal either/or prompt out there somewhere. but i am doing this one on my own, although i'll probably add to it as i find more interesting either/or statements on pages added to the ring.

okay, so there's a good chance that no one else will play with me - stuff like this always seems to flop when i do it (when others do it they get 100s of joiners), but, hey, you never know until you try. and i like trying lots. lol

so, here's my either/or list:

morning or night. night. way in the night night. bed at 2:30 a.m. night.

cats or dogs. cats. we own a dog, but i am definitely partial to cats despite their independent mindedness, or maybe because of it. and i've lived without a cat very few times in my life. i've owned dogs less than i've not lived with a cat.

black or white. black. white hurts the eyes.

tv or music. music. most of what's on the tv is pretty moronic. besides, sitting in front of a tv kills brain cells. and i can do other things when listening to music. that's not so easy with tv.

single or married. married. twice.

men or women. 100% hetero, so men.

dragons or unicorns. dragons. but that should be obvious.

meat or veggies. no vegetarian here! meat. i did try being a vegetarian for awhile when i was taking care of and living with the kids of an sda family. i was glad when we decided i wasn't the right fit. had a hamburger the next day.

juice or soda. juice. well, actually, i prefer ice. but the carbonation of soda has always bothered me, so of those two i will take juice. besides, juice is healthier (not that that's much of a deciding factor, all things considered).

skirts or pants. loose, comfortable, cotton or linen pants. skirts are okay, just not my preference.

clothed or nude. nude. at least when i sleep. day time, definitely clothed. i'd rather not scare the public.

shoes or barefoot. barefoot, which hasn't been so good for the feet.

half full or half empty. i think i'm a half full kind of gal. at least, i generally seem to be more optimistic than not. i could be wrong.

rock or classical. er, both, with a leaning towards rock. when hubby isn't home, music is playing pretty much constantly, and the styles played range from classical to "new age" to alternative to some metal. i think the only thing not played is opera. hey, we all have our limits.

social or loner. very, very social. which really can be a pain seeing as hubby is a loner. go figure.

flexible or rigid. flexible - to a degree. i am learning to become a bit more rigid for the sake of my son and husband, neither who take to flexibility too much (part and parcel of their unique disabilities). and i think i can be very rigid when it comes to things like money since not paying certain bills scares me.

walk or ride. ride, walking hurts.

netscape or i.e. netscape. i find i.e. to be big, clumsy, and slow. but, that netscape has to be netscape 7. netscape 6 crashes my machine, netscape 4.7 (my other favorite) is out of date. and, contrary to popular opinion, netscape 7 is w3 compliant. check your browser here. when not using netscape, i prefer opera. yep. i.e. is at the bottom of my list. however, i try to check all my web designs in all 3 browsers.

camping or hotel. hotel. this girl does not camp. she hates camping. she must have luxuries like indoor plumbing and a real bed that won't kill her back.

beach or pool. pool. beaches these days are scary. course, i don't much visit pools either. swimsuits and i do not get along.

summer or winter. both are nasty in california, but forced to a choice: summer. winter is wet. and i hate wet. i'm like a cat in wet: insulted and slinking from overhang to overhang with ears flattened and fur at odd angles. wet has other problems too: storms. and storms bring on nasty, migraine-like headaches. summer is hot, but it isn't wet and usually not painful.

letters or email. email. i used to write letters. i think that stopped somewhere around the time i went back into school and a computer became something of a necessity. i have been corrupted.

computer or longhand. computer. okay, so very corrupted.

bookmarks or folding pages. bookmarks! folding the pages of a book is just plain . . . disrespectful! or something. seriously, if i need to mark a page so i can access it again, i use colored sticky tabs. be nice to your books: don't bend pages.

paper or plastic. paper. they make good trash bags.

elevators or stairs. elevators. stairs hurt and wear me out. of course, here at the house, we have a nice flight of stairs that i should practice going up and down on for and extended period of time every day. go back to stairs hurt.

eat in or eat out. actually, either. saxy is the best cook in the world, but the occasional red lobster dinner or denny's lunch is nice too, if a bit expensive.

fiction or nonfiction. depends on the nonfiction. i read books on how to write like there's no tomoorow. but for my writing and general, personal reading? fiction all the way.

dreamer or realist. a bit of both. i dream big, but i pay the bills before buying lotto tickets. my dreams are actually more like goals i feel i can achieve one day. but when it comes to other things, like survival or the care of my children, i do what needs to be done. i've had people call me an amazing woman, and, well, thank you for thinking so, but i am only doing what i need to do. that's reality.

tattoos or piercings. piercings - less needles. the sad thing is i have a tattoo i'd love to have (it would be horrendously expensive), but i could never sit still for the needles. yea, i'm a pathetic wimp, i admit it.

shakespeare or tolkien. it took me three tries to get through a shakespeare class. what do toy think?

real or memorex. 100% real, baby!

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