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dust-bunnies& meds
wenesday, june 4, 2003

okay, make that one dust-bunny we have a new family member: a kitten small enough to fit in the palm of my hand if it weren't for all the hair. he can't be more than 7 weeks - too young to be away from the mother who apparently abandoned him. he does have teeth enough to eat hard food, but we're also giving him kitten milk. he came in skin and bones and not much into playing or anything, he must have slept most the first two days, but he's doing much better already. his ribs don't stick out and he's turning into a little terror. he's an adorable gray and white fluff ball. which, of course, is a bit of a problem.

see, we're only allowed one pet where we live and we already paid up for roro. even if we hadn't, we've owned her for so long there's no way we could get rid of her. so, when we rescued vagner (the fluff ball, named after nightcrawler, but americans would mess up the pronunciation, so we changed the spelling of nightcrawler's last name) we were supposed to put him up for adoption. problem is ro is saxy's cat, despite being picked up for me, and i want my own baby who likes being petted and held and so on. ororo has to be one of the most antisocial cats i have ever seen, and when she is social she goes straight to "her" man. we had to hang on to vagner for most of the week as the place we were going to take him does the adoptions at out local petsmart on saturdays. bad, bad, bad, domy fell in love and in the end just could not give the little bugger up.

we could get in serious trouble for having an extra cat, particularly since i already have 2 violations on my agreement as it stands. i'm hoping he's so little that he's just not noticeable. they never come in to check for pets; the last time someone walked through and saw one of the cats on a windowsill. (as and aside, they also warned a neighbor with a dog. we got rid of the cat, they never got rid of the dog and nobody ever came back to check on it. this dog was the noisiest thing under the sun and, when we reported it, we were told they couldn't do anything unless they saw it. all they had to do was come back and walk through the complex again - that bugger was always barking in the window. yes, this incident annoys me even now.) so far the only time he takes to a windowsill is at night when i'm on the couch and he wants to play.

yes, puffball is clingy. i am mother, companion, pillow, climbing tree, and play toy all rolled into one. he likes sleeping in my shirt (which makes me think the lil guy is growing up to be a "breast man"). it took him most of the week before he decided he could walk into wide open floor rather than clinging to furniture. he's something of a desk-cat and sleeps on my keyboard shelf and plays with my pens while i'm writing. he also tends to settle himself on whatever i happen to be working on upon occasions. just a baby and already starting that annoying habit. and he's quite the talker. he meows and purrs and squeaks and makes a lot of other noises all the time. it's wonderful. oh, i know he will grow out of his kittenhood, but i'll love him just as much then too. even though ro seems to dislike me (she has to share "her" man with me, after all), i love her too. i'm just a sucker for cats.

in other news, today we finally picked up my adhd meds. i had an appointment last month that got canceled. it was moved to this month. then i got canceled and the only thing they had was the last day of the month. i'm tired of being distracted, of fighting the adhd to get things done. so i told them to get her to write my prescription so i could just pick up my meds. i had to call twice for that to happen, but i have them now. it's going to take some getting used to being back on them again - i feel like i'm slowed down or weighed down or something, and just a tad queasy. it's odd and makes me understand why many with mild to moderate symptoms choose to go without meds.

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