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late nights
tuesday, june 3, 2003

this week has started a new routine for hubby. when he originally started working at keystone, he was allowed to bring home the van he used to transport the kids. it made things a lot easier as it provided faster transportation for him than taking a bus.

however, since then there's been some changes. he was warned about most of these changes in advance. for example, he knew that most of the facility would be transferred to the nearby city of riverside. the new campus apparently is larger, although its parking lot is smaller. most of the classes were to be transferred to this new campus. saxy's was not one of them - his class and one other are staying at the old campus. of course, all the staff associated with the moving classes were transferred to riverside (the teachers and aides), but some of the campus's non-teaching staff was transferred as well, which is what brought about changes we were not expecting.

one of the non-teaching staff members transferred was the campus director. this, of course, means that a new director will be chosen for saxy's campus. three people in house have applied, one of which is acting like he already has the job. his behavior has triggered a mass exodus by the staff that has remained at the old campus as they all put in for transfers to the new campus. with most the people he knows leaving, saxy put his transfer in as well. another man was unexpectedly fired over an issue that was a non-issue with the old director. seems the transportation manager is dating the prospective director who thinks he already has the job and decided to turn the non-issue into an issue.

makes you really hope this guy doesn't get it just so there's egg in both their faces. besides, their behavior is begging for a slap in the face. their tactics indicate that they are trying to get people to quit so they can re-staff with their own friends. we're talking downright stupid crap like butting noses in where they don;t belong and redefining job definitions. like i said, this guy hasn't even been selected yet, so his attitude is way out of line.

anyway, back to the topic at hand. one of the changes not expected was a change of policy on the vans: the riverside campus requires drivers to take the vans home as their is no real parking on the campus, while the g.t. campus is requiring the vans to stay on campus. saxy is at the g.t. campus. as of yesterday, he had to leave the van on campus, which means he's busing it. getting there wasn't a problem. when saxy first applied for this job, we discussed getting a ride in with my ex and he agreed to help out. but evenings have become the nightmare.

before this new rule was put in place, saxy was getting home around 6:30 or 7 pm. we'd spend a few hours talking and catching up, which was really nice. for the last few years we've been used to pretty much spending time together most, if not all, day. him going to work was a good thing but also a transition in separation and i've missed him. those few hours in the evening, while brief, were still a time to reconnect and get my "fix" for my hubby. now, however, with him taking the bus home, he's not home until 8:30 or 9 pm and he's exhausted. he gets home, cleans up a little, then goes straight to bed. he eats dinner while waiting for the bus.

yes, we need a car.

or for that transfer to the riverside campus to go through.

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