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thursday, may 15, 2014

it has been a couple of really quiet weeks. as in the only upsets, if any, have been in the money arena, and even those have generally been shoulder shrugging and not unexpected. rent goes up $20 at the end of the month, assuming i get the verification of our renter's insurance in time (i'll be calling the company if it doesn't show up by tomorrow). the phone and cable bills are...up but not as up as they were going to be, so we'll just have to deal with it. hubs job transition never happened and he lost one day at one restaurant but is supposed to get more work elsewhere. youngest's move has also been canceled due to the roommate not being reliable. it's still tight, but doable, mostly.

saxy treated me to mother's day dinner wednesday since he worked sunday (he cooked: filet mignon, shrimp, a salad with avocado, plus a brownie/toffee ice cream/salted caramel dessert—so yum; i definitely felt spoiled). he also wanted me to buy a new dress since most my stuff is in the falling off stage of the weight loss journey, but i opted to put it down on the car to try to get us caught up. probably a good thing i did since next check couldn't handle a $160 payment and now it'll be $110. still tight, but more manageable in the scheme of things. my only major concern right now is working in a way to pay off the medical bills that we've accumulated.

boyo's last day of school is wednesday the 21st. since we have to hold off with the cupcakes (lack of money to develop new flavors and buggy apartment not passing muster if inspected), i have to come up with ways to keep him occupied that include more than tv (which he'd watch all day if give the choice). i can have him walk with me for a time, but it's starting to get warmer, so my walking time is about to come to an end, and i can't see him doing the dvds i do since he's just not quite that coordinated. linnorm will be out here the 23rd-29th, so he'll be spending a lot of time with his sisters and his dad. with youngest working, pool time isn't going to be as frequent as it was last year (i don't do pools...actually, more accurately, i don't do swimsuits), but i imagine there will be some. he's not a playground kid, and while we have a "set" reading time each day, he's not big on reading all the time. i may make some playstation time for him, but it still means he has limited activities and will need more engagement from me to keep him from becoming a tv junkie.

the only other new excitement right now is possibly adding a new kitty to the family. i've been thinking about it on and off for a bit now, but a kitten is out of the question. logan has become a bit on the aggressive side and is harassing ororo the way she's harassed every cat we've ever owned with her. while turn about could be considered fair play, it's just not a safe environment for anything too young to really defend itself. then two days ago, a stray darted into our apartment and started scarfing. he's young but not kitten young (i'd put him around a year or two at a guess), must be fairly newly strayed since he's both very friendly and not scruffy or battle marked, but has been put out for at least a few days since he was absolutely starving. and he's gorgeous for a tabby type: golden brown and black with golden eyes and some of the most symmetrical large striping i've ever seen. he has a small head and medium hair that's very soft. and, yes, i alreadies really really likes him. lol strangely, the cat having the most trouble with a possible new addition is my girlie, rogue. logan hisses, but she really throws a fit. for now we're keeping him on the screened in porch to let him and the others get used to each other. we'll bring him inside in a week in a crate for an hour or two before letting him roam the house. the only major problem right now is that we can't get the new guy to a vet. we just can't afford it. we'll have to figure something out just to make sure he's neutered, if nothing else.

you'd think all this quiet would mean i'm getting more writing done...and would be wrong. i'm not sure what's up, but when i have time to write, the motivation just hasn't been there. and while i usually can work past that, the last few weeks...i just haven't. i did finally set aside one project that i need to go back almost to ground zero on and just had trouble even thinking about much less working on. and with taz getting out of school next week, it'll get even harder. maybe it's a good thing i've sort of been chillin' a bit. we have new routines coming up and those transitions always throw me off anyway. we'll get something worked out and hopefully i'll get back to it as we settle in again. in the meantime, i'm still waiting to hear on two novels, one that's with a publisher and the other that's with an agent. the whole self-pub thing ended up being scuttled. there was just too much we don't know about the process for us to manage it at this point.

i've started taking some online classes through my insurance, mostly to earn the points to replace my old heart monitor with a better one for free, but i'm also hoping to learn something new here and there. they also offer a free online health coach, and i'm hoping that can help me with a bit of a balance problem. see, i workout very hard, and lately i've had to make some adjustments in how i count my exercise and food. problem is the weight is still stagnate, so i'm hoping the coach can help me figure out what to change to get the weight going down again. on the plus side, the inches seem to finally be moving again. maybe the weight will start to follow again soon as well.

so, yea, quiet. which in some ways is nice. and you know, we all need some quiet every now and then. if i didn't tend to be someone who usually has to be busy to keep from going crazy, i'd probably enjoy it more.

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