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tuesday, june 7, 2011

yesterday was just one of those days i could have done without. really. actually, i think some of the stuff i could do without started friday or saturday.

as anyone who reads whysper might recall, over the holidays last year, we had a flood in the living room. it was in the same place we had problems shortly after we moved in. there was a bunch of crap about a frozen pipe and whatever, the lines got snaked, some special paint like stuff that was supposed to prevent a recurrence was painted on both sides of the walls, and that was pretty much it. well, that flood is back, and the landlord tried to say we would have to pay a plumber to snake the lines. REALLY? in the end, he did call in a plumber...to look at a leaking and backing up tub. he then told hubs to use more of the paint stuff on the wall.

*head desk*

i really can't wait to get out of this place. no, seriously. it has become a toxic nightmare on our finances and on ours and our animals' health (they all have this hacking cough that we have no idea what it is, but i'm almost positive is the result of living in this nightmare of a house). and now the leak is back, which means mildewing carpet, which means i can't breathe again because i'm allergic to mold and mildew. i used to want to do whatever i could to fix the place before we left—this guys has kept a roof over our heads long after he could have kicked us out for late payments—but now i just want to get out and let him eat the cost for repairs. as for the leak, since the other stuff didn't work, i told hubs to stuff that damn crack that's letting water into the living room with cement. yes, really, cement. he said no one uses cement in a house that way, and i said it should hold, and since the other stuff didn't hold, why not? let the landlord deal with it when we leave, but i need that carpet dried out so i can breathe and don't get a ton of sinus infections and whatnot.

although it might be a bit late on the whatnot.

remember the tooth that's been without a filling for over a decade now? the one that was okay until the filling fell out of another tooth and set it off? that one? is now totally infected. as in my cheek is puffing up and the pain is out of this world awful, and there's not a damn thing i can do about it for at least a few weeks (and that's assuming we can get it pulled and not have to pay a huge dental bill for it; if we do, i can't ever do anything about it because the $100 co-pay is going to set us too far back as it is). here i'm seeing an end to the recent implosion and the only thing we lost was the cable and now this. REALLY?

but i seriously don't think the tooth just up and decided to flair up this badly on its own. i've had minor issues with it since last year, but now we have an allergy inducing leak, and it goes ballistic? definitely not a coincidence in my book.

and the dental will only cover 75% of the cost as far as i can tell, which means i need a couple of hundred to be able to take care of this thing, and we just don't have it. plus the $100 deductible. dental insurance sucks. i mean, really? this means, if i had been on insurance last year, i still would have had to pay nearly $400 for the work that was done. okay, granted, that's less than what we did pay, but still not affordable. not for us anyway.

if there's one thing i have down, it's timing. really.

everything else is...going. saxy's almost done with this term and will be off for a month and hopefully will get more hours because we really need the money to dig out of some holes. hell, we need to make a decent payment to the school or it's over. really. i keep telling myself, 6 more months and he's done. and, yes, the plan is to move if we get a decent enough taz return next year. really. tired of this place. my early checking things out hasn't revealed anything promising, but hopefully that will change by the time we need to move. and ready or not, the girls will need to find places to go because saxy and i are not getting stuck in this damn place paying nearly $2k a month in rent and utilities alone just because they decided their freedom was more important than the family not ending up on the street. i probably wouldn't have decided to move us out if someone wasn't ready if kitten hadn't shown her true colors last month. she's put our backs against the wall on this one and future survival will take precedence over keeping the girls afloat. not the way i want to be, but the way it must be.

anyway, the year started out so promising and is now limping along. but we're making it, if barely, and that's a big deal right now. really.

and now i should get to bed while the aleve is taking the edge off the pain. not gone by a long shot, but it's almost tolerable. and it's almost 5 a.m. anyway. yes, really.


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