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monday, july 19, 2010

actually, i have a good reason for being mia, and no, it's not the dust bunny (who is now doing fine). i've had my nose in my novel, trimming it down as far as i can. it clocked in at about 124k. now, 124,000 words for epic fantasy is not unheard of, and is probably a good length for one that's as involved as my novel is, but it's too high for the current market (which is tending to not accept as many epic fantasy novels these days, but we won't go into that now). i cut it down to about 115k. not as much as i needed, but a lot more than i expected. and working on it had me totally involved. i worked pretty much on nothing else, managed to chat, but not much, and was totally focused on getting through it. it's now off to my final reader who will help me determine if i cut too deeply or if i missed cuts or if it's working. i just want to make sure i didn't take out anything important or missed anything that really could go. the novel has otherwise been gone over enough times and is pretty much ready to go. once my reader gets back to me, it'll be time to start submitting.

at any rate, all that focus also meant no journal posts. most days i was able to do some twitter/facebook stuff via tweetdeck, but there were days when even that was pretty thin.

and last week, i also had to deal with weather headaches, another tooth infection, sinus issues, and a lot of head stuff making me pretty much miserable. i stayed in bed most of the week, managed a few words here and there, slept more often than not, and stared blankly at the tv. a lot of staring blankly at the tv going on.

so, some good news. we all need some good news, right? dust bunny kitty is doing fine. about 5 or 6 days after i posted, he started coming downstairs and wanting more food. we fed him the urinary track health stuff we've been using to manage his problems and avoid similar problems in the other cats. a few days later, the girls told me there wasn't any more blood in his urine. since then. he's actually come downstairs and hung out with us. usually not for long, but long enough to let us know he was around and feeling okay. over the weekend, while saxy was ferret sitting for a friend, he bounced on my head in the mornings to get me up to feed him, something he had stopped doing while not feeling well.

classes have started for saxy and kitten. she's totally online this summer and already running into some of the frustrations she has with online classes. i'm reminding her to keep up, not to let the frustration make her shut down and get further behind. saxy is doing okay—not his favorite way of learning since he doesn't do so well with text-based learning, but he's managing. there are a few things he's going to have to work out and quickly, but he's been keeping up, and i'm proud of him for that. we've also been discussing him continuing on for the b.a. i keep telling him he should even though the b.a. classes won't include cooking classes. we've come up with a way to do a cooking "class" in much the same way, only without an instructor. it would require him to be very dedicated and to self-monitor, but it would also allow him to focus on one cultural food for ten weeks on his own, and not just the food, but the culture and how it's normally cooked and served and what it's usually served with, and so on. we'll see. i'm of the opinion that he needs to keep going because if he quits, he may never go back. he's really concerned about getting in some experience before he goes after the management stuff.

beyond that, everything is about the same: he's unemployed (but has a bike so should start pushing the job hunt a bit more now), we're living paycheck to paycheck, we're still waiting to hear on the state case and weather or not we'll get anything out of that, and so on. middle daughter is trying to get her g.e.d. youngest has managed to dig herself even deeper and we've taken away the whole "adult" thing as a result...and next time she gets into the same kind of trouble, she'll be screwed because no one will step in to keep the store from calling the cops. taz is...taz. we're adjusting his meds, he's bored with summer and literally counting the days until school starts. and i'm working on a different novel.

see? same old, same old. sorry i didn't turn this thing on for more exciting news. lol ;)

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