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sunday, june 24, 2001
little stuff

it is amazing the little stuff one can collect when things are just set aside to figure out what to do with later. yes, domy is cleaning her desk and finding some of the oddest things tucked away here and there. actually my computer space is more than a desk. i have the large corner computer desk and two stacker cubby-type shelves. most of these shelves have specific things, books in them, but a few are just a hodgepodge of piled stuff. i tend to pile things when i am busy, which is why i must clean and unpile now. so, among the piles of stuff scattered in various places, bowls and piles of stuff in my corner of the living room i have found:

3 necklaces: a heavy chunky silver one (my newest..looks real cool), a silver and black one and a gold watch one;

4 pairs of earrings: a set to go with the above mentioned silver necklace, a pair of big silver dangly hearts, silver dreamcatcher with a pearly bead in the center, and a pair of silver fan like ones;

3 dragon earring charms with corresponding hoops (putting 2 of them on);

2 pins: a gold umbrella and some pink flowers (i hardly ever wear pins);

one of my dragon rings;

my sigma pin;

a watch from my grandmother (being put on the wrist where it belongs);

halls mentholyptus;

going in the trash: 2 old aaa batteries, 2 rosebuds, a child's ring, a big bell, assorted screws, a plaster dragon tail (don't ask), assorted bent paper clips,a pebble or melted marble, a thumbtack, the "o" ring to my trackball mouse, a clip for an ace bandage (nooo, domy's not a pack rat, people just hand her stuff and she sets it aside to look at later. later just happens to be a long while later), blue .5 pencil lead, an old dirty rubber band, ;

keeping in one of the various crystal bowls under my monitor shelf: 2 pencil sharpener (my good metal one and a yellow plastic one for my kids to use), the mail key, nail clippers, 3 pieces of candy (they won't be there long), 2 erasers (a ladybug one and an ink one), safety pins;

3 (yes, THREE) cups with pens, pencils and highlighters, scissors, markers, (being brought down to 1);

1 cup with bookmarks, lots and lots of bookmarks;

cassette tape labels (going in the draw with the blank cassette tapes);

4 clicker eraser refills;

other miscellany items:a bic razor, nail file, a wooden spoon, my credit card, .5 lead refills, 2 things of tape, a box of staples, rubbing alcohol, 3 little heart shaped candles in tins with flowers on them, a dead pager, i neat little glassy black flat stone with a sun carved in it (from a secret sis), 3 different kinds of hand lotion, 2 types of perfume;

i also have on and around the desk: a fish "statuette" painted by one of the kids (jewel), a blue and purple slinky with "The Associates" on it, bottle of white out, salt (yes, i am very bad, i eat at my pc desk), 3 dozen music cds (eagle eye cherry, collective soul, savage garden, jars of clay, dido, sharon apple, dancin' zzzz, back street boys, donna lewis, tine turner, janet jackson, jennifer lopez, creed, 3 doors down, steve miller band, ricky martin, sarah mclachlan, enya, journey, and enigma), my 3 stuffed kitties (black, whiter tiger and leopard), 3 little wooden hearts (2 with glitter ~ jewel again), my beautiful mother's day dragon, a box of miscellaneous stuff that i am not going through right now (but definitely has carmex in it and a box of .5 leads and 2 clear things of paper clips ~ ok, so i lied).

keep in mind this does not include the actual shelves/cubbies to either side of the desk, the shelf of software manuals, the cubbies with my zips and software cds, a shelf of paper and the whole upper shelves with all my more decorative stuff.. no, we won't go there.

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