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sick sucks
wednesday, march 18, 2009

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yea. it's been two weeks since i've posted an entry, and this one is going to be short. not sure what happened for one of the weeks i've been out, but i do know what was going on last week.

the flu.

really, i had intended to post before this, especially since we just had baby cat's second birthday, but i wasn't doing a whole heck of a lot last week except running to the bathroom.

it all started the friday before baby cat's birthday "party". she threw up in the middle of the night. on the up side, she was still pretty bright and cheerful the next day, which was when we celebrated, but she wasn't into eating much. by sunday, however, she was almost back to normal, so at least the flu was one of those short term bugs.

for most the family anyway.

on sunday, froggy came down with it, so she was kept home for two days.

then tuesday night, the bug struck with a vengeance. taz was sick right after dinner, then kitten was hit in the middle of the night. by wednesday morning, i was spending half my time in the bathroom, but not in the same capacity as everyone else (who had to be over the toilet while i was on the toilet). of the kids, kitten took the longest to get better—3 or 4 days versus 2.

but me? i was still working on it as of sunday night this week. i seem to be doing better now, thank goodness, but it was quite a week. bland food, when i could eat anything at all, and getting to know my bathroom really well. for a bit there, i was worried we had two flu bugs going through the house, but no one has shown any of my symptoms, so i suspect it was just my body translating the same bug in a different way.

personally, i think one day of throwing up and then being done with it would have been the better route. 'course, i probably wouldn't have been limited to just one day, knowing me.

i didn't do much except sleep and stare at the tv and run to the bathroom every hour and a half. not even having a laptop helps much when you're too tired to focus and just want to curl up in a dark place and forget the world exists. it has been helping since i started to feel better (which was over the weekend), but during the thick of it, nothing would have helped. and even if it would have, i don't do web stuff on the laptop, so whysper posts wouldn't have happened anyway.

the tummy is still a little touchy, but i'm back to eating regular food and drinking milk (god, did i miss milk). i spent monday working on dishes pretty much all day—seems the only time saxy did any of them was when he needed them, and even then he only did what went into the dishwasher rather than helping out and doing a chunk of the stuff that had to be washed by hand.

men. :P

i spent yesterday trying to catch up on my lp stuff (that's going to take awhile) and today was supposed to be the day i started making progress on cleaning up the green bags that need washing out, but i'll be taking kitten to see a lawyer for a consult instead. might get some green bags done anyway, but not holding my breath.

i do have birthday pictures i want to post, so i will try to get to that before the end of the week. i spent this morning "cleaning" them up—resizing them and making them sharper and clearer. so they are ready to go, i just need to find the time to get them online. be warned, the next post will be picture heavy. ;)

if we all hadn't gotten sick, those pictures would have been up last week and there'd be none of this catching up to do. sick sucks. but we all knew that, and i guess we should just be thankful that my sick didn't last 6 weeks like it did when my iron levels crashed the second time.

speaking of crashing, better get a little more sleep before we have to take off this morning.


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