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oh, and snow!
tuesday, march 3, 2009

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forgot to mention the other excitement of the week: snow! and not just our usual snow, LOTS of snow.

we've gotten snow one day a year since moving out here. usually it's an hour, maybe two, and it's always been gone the next day. last year, froggy got really upset because she was sick when it was snowing, and while saxy and taz went out to play in the snow, she had to watch from the window.

saturday, the weather guy said something about snow showers. now, i lived in ohio as a kid, and snowy winters were a part of life. as a teen i was in california...in the mountains. 6' or more of snow was normal. in neither location have i ever heard the term "snow showers". snow flurries, yes; snow showers, no.

sunday, i learned what a snow shower is. it was pretty much raining all morning. sometime in the early afternoon, there was this long rolling thunder, then the rain became a mix of snow and rain—snow showers. at first nothing stuck. then the rain lessened and the snow became these huge flakes. i mean HUGE. i don't think i've ever seen anything the size of these. not too long after, they definitely started sticking. and kitten and baby cat got their first taste of snow.

baby cat kept holding her hands out to "catch" the snow, but she wasn't so big on snowballs. i let her stay out with froggy and her mom (who took a whole lotta other pics that hopefully i'll get some copies of to post later) after i got pretty covered myself and came in. they all came in a little later red faced, blue lipped, and laughing. after that, saxy went out and started tormenting the kids with snowballs on the windows, which he got mostly from the now covered car:

and it snowed ALL AFTERNOON. occasionally it went back to those snow showers, but mostly it just snowed. a lot. it has never done that. even more surprising, the snow stayed through the night and, in a lot of places, through most of the next day. i have to say, it was very weird driving to best buy and seeing all this snow everywhere. the neighbor kids even managed a halfway decent snowman. never seen a snowman in this neighborhood ever. lol even more strange, the district closed the schools for the day. it never closes the schools for weather. i swear, this is the first snow day in the 5 years we've been here that the schools closed for weather (they did close a few days a few years back to help with a fuel crunch). fortunately, it was a sunny day, so the roads weren't slick. the only other strange thing was when that cap of snow slid off the back of the car. it really did startle me.

and today? there's still snow on the ground in a few places. not a lot of places, and most of it is small patches (though not all!).

for an area that rarely gets any snow worth mentioning, that's just crazy.


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