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saturday, march 18, 2006

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in a wonderful, loving gesture, hubby has taken the kids and disappeared for the day, giving me the house, and the day, to myself. a day to rest and relax without having to stop yet another fight between the girls. a day to write without constant interruptions. a day to sleep, if i need it (and i'd say i do, but the body decided otherwise). a day without fighting. a day without dealing with the usual weekend stresses. a day to do my own thing as loud or as crazy or as whatever i want to.

really, he can be such a sweetie.

hubby did do one evil thing: he left me the last of the chocolate crinkles. like i need any encouragement to indulge in the sweet stuff. however, considering that these are his favorite cookies ever (even over my peanut butter cookies), it was quite a sweet thing to do. and i know he left them for me because he didn't tuck them away in a hiding place. he put them right by my side of the bed.

it's been a good week, really. monday i was just home. tuesday was the sonogram, and the tech was one of the best. she was quick, didn't press down too hard, and pretty much kept me as comfortable as possible and got me out in really good time. i worked the last 3 days of the week, but in good classes, generally. the kids did what they were supposed to do, and did so without argument, and did so quietly. and word is that yet another school has a long term coming up soon. so, even though i passed on the one position, there's another 3 possible. hopefully i'll be contacted for one or more of them. and then there are the little things through the week that were managed: finding a new moisturizer that doesn't make my eyes sting, locating a new pair of the same ear rings that i liked but were broken, that kind of stuff. nothing major, but little extras that were just nice things to have happen.

i also got quite a bit done writing wise: i revised 2 chapters of a.c. (and wrote a new beginning to a 3rd that will be revised next week), kicked all my available pieces out the door to new markets, and wrote a new meta up. i plan to use today and tomorrow to write more for novel 3, post a few markets, work on the dii calendar (which is looking pretty thin this year), maybe work on the new technical forum, and do a couple of crits as well as revise another chapter. i might even attempt some filing since the "to file" stack is, uh, growing. i also need to remember that i took laundry off jewel's hands this weekend. i'll probably end up slower than she is (which really is kinda scary, actually), but i do have a few physical issues to deal with that make any housework a challenge for me these days. (and i still remember the days when i was a housekeeping fool. not miss neat-nick by any means, but i kept it up pretty good. now most of it hurts.)

my oldest and her father gave me another tidbit this week as well. the girl is having one heck of a time passing the required run and may be chaptered out of the army (which is neither an honorable or dishonorable discharge, just a "you may like us but we're not so sure you're right for us" kind of thing) in the next month or so. she really is trying, but there's a limit to how long they'll put up with someone who can't meet ALL their physical requirements. she's always had trouble with the run (only ever passed it once) and has had issues with her health that i think are interfering as well. if she does chapter out, she'll be living with us for at least a bit, possibly going to school while she does so--that depends on whether she and the fiancé work something out on a vehicle for her and we can get her a license. i have mixed feelings on the whole thing. i don't want her in the military, but she's rather enjoyed it. so you could say i'm disappointed for her, but secretly pleased i'll have some time with her here and not have to worry about her going someplace where being shot at and possibly bombed isn't a daily reality.

the candle is burning, a load of laundry is in, the music is going, the headache i had earlier is at bay, the creative energy is rising. the phone is going on the charger with the ringer off. i think i'm ready to get started with the rest of my day.

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