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the heat is on
wednesday, december 17, 2008


so, i'm pretty sure it's the megace causing me to overheat. i'm not 100% sure -- we've had storms in the area lately, and for georgia that means crazy humidity, but while others in the house feel hot, i'm the only one dripping with sweat. even something as simple as going to my computer brings my temperature up. it's crazy.

was i having this problem when i was off the megace? a little. not nearly as bad. i could survive a car drive without having to roll down windows. in the freezing cold. when it was raining. now? not so much. almost always have to have a window open even if i'm in short sleeves without a coat or sweater of any kind and it's cold enough to snow.

my toes and nose still freeze though. :P

and the megace also seems responsible for the feeling icky last week. or the lack of the megace. since i went back on yesterday, the tummy has settled and the ickiness has left me alone.

so my choices now are to overheat and feel icky 5 or 6 days out of the month, bleed to death, or risk worse side effects from another med.

i'll take the heat, even if i look like a dork walking in freezing rain in a spaghetti strap top. really.

i mean, yea, the heat is on, and five days or so a month i get to feel like i'm coming down with the flu, but i otherwise get to live a fairly normal life. i don't need to stay in bed because my period has become mother nature's gift from hell. i can be active without the whole thing becoming even worse. this i can live with.

there's only two problems now:

first, i spent a week off to try to have a cycle and...nothing. i can deal with nothing, but i suspect when i go back to see the doctor, nothing is not what he'll be looking for. maybe my body was confused this time and will figure it out for next month. i'd hate to think it's building up to another nightmare that will break through my current dosage at some point. that would suck. so we'll go with confused for now and hope for the best in the future.

second, i don't have enough of the right kind of clothing to have my internal heater up so damn high all the time. i need skirts and loose, lightweight shirts for the day and sleep t's for the night. unfortunately, being a big woman (4x, okay; it sucks, but there it is), my clothes don't come cheap even on sale. it would be so nice to hit target or walmart and be able to buy $5 clothing off the rack in my size. will never happen because they don't carry my size (they claim to carry 3x, but i can tell you their 3x's are so not 3x), and the stores that do never sell anything for $5, not even socks.

so, for now, i have to deal with the heat wave in whatever i can scam up, and i have to wear those things to death between washings. and i am drinking like a fish. not much into water (though i will fill a glass to the brim with ice for my drinks, so go figure), but the tea and soda are disappearing too fast to keep track of. it's no wonder i'm in the bathroom all the time (although a little of that can be blamed on the megace as well, plus my weight and age). i hate it, but it's the only way to be even remotely comfortable. when the heat is on, you do what you can to keep cool.

i'm so sure you all wanted to know all this health stuff, right? especially about some crazy old lady you don't even know. ;)

but speaking of tea, it's time for a refill.


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