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preparing thanks
tuesday, november 25, 2008


yes, i'm still mad busy of late, why do you ask?

and this week is no different. we hadn't planned on a thanksgiving since things were looking too tight for words, but others pretty much decided this was unacceptable, and now we're preparing our feast and getting ready for the traditional decorating of the house and tree for christmas. yesterday was the first of the almighty shopping trips...well, two of them actually. i suffered sticker shock from the cost of ingredients for dinner and the upcoming baking storm. i mean, seriously, cranberries for $2.99 for a 12 oz package? lordy. a 10 pound bag of potatoes was $9!!! so, yea, we're pretty lucky more than one person decided to donate to the holiday cause over here or we'd be lucky to have half a "real" thanksgiving dinner. :O

anyway, we had to do the first round of shopping in 2 trips: trip one took all we had and we had to wait for another bit of money to come in before we could finish up. today i will be grabbing the last bits except the ham—saxy wants to buy that himself. once i pick up oldest from work and drop her off, i'll be heading off to target for sparkling cider, flavored hot chocolate, and, if they're cheaper than they were at kroger, one more bag of cranberries.

now, i tried to cut down the menu this year, but everything i tried to take off, someone else (the husband mostly) got upset about, so, in the end, i think only peas and salad were taken off the menu. lol this year's menu: orange-glazed ham, sweet potato pie (new recipe since i'm still looking for the right one), crescent rolls, green beans almondine (extra helping since it's the only green thing on the menu), mashed potatoes, brandied cranberries (new), my marshmallow covered yams (no one, and i mean no one, would let me take those off the list), corn, and a the usual trimmings, plus dessert. i'm also baking cranberry bread (today, actually! and it smells heavenly!) and starting the cookie baking spree. desserts: dutch apple pie and key lime pie. kitten tried to find a pecan pie, but they were, apparently, too expensive for the budget and didn't have money off for the kroger plus card. *g*

and between now and thursday, i'm very busy with a house to clean, dishes to wash (amazing how that will also be the case after the holiday), food to plan, and so on and so forth. we only have one down for company, one of kitten's friends from the army who won't be able to go home for the holiday. jewel is off to rhed's family's for t-day, but they will be with us for christmas dinner. we have maybe 4 or 5 we're doing cookie boxes for, 2 that will be shipped off to other states, so those kind of need to get done as well.

i am very, VERY thankful the oldest is with us. we've been very worried about her safety and about spending the holiday alone, but now she's here with her family and safe.

i am also very thankful for the friends who have been helping us through some very hard times. care packages, money for food, emotional support, it's all been a blessing.

i am thankful that jewel found a partner that is proving to be someone who brings out the best in her. her growth since meeting and starting to date rhed has been phenomenal. as a result, i can also be thankful for the improvement in her relationships with the rest of the family. it's been slow, but it's there.

i am also thankful that we still have a roof over our head and the husband has a job. the financial scares have been downright crazy this year, and we've still got a lot to take care of before we're even remotely caught up after saxy's period of unemployment, but our landlord has worked with us and we're trying to get through it all. because of the holidays, it'll probably after january before we get remotely close, but we've kept the lights on, food on the table, and all the basic needs taken care of. granted, most of the time we're squeaking by, but we are getting by. and, as much as we complain about the things saxy's job does that are unethical or illegal, at least he has a job.

there is actually so much more i'm thankful for, but i've got to run to target for those last few items. and i want to try my cranberry bread. i hope you have plenty to be thankful for, whatever hardships this year brought you and yours.


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