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saturday 11.25.2000
dsl and turkey

where have i been. well, i have been in the dsl no where land. i was supposed to have my dsl connection all up and running on the 20th. so we installed everything on the 20th, set up the connection and so forth, and guess what? i can't connect to anything, much less move the speed on light over the net. i call tech support, they can't figure out what is wrong so send me to the service center, who think they know what's up but, because of the holiday, won't have it running 'til friday. friday comes along, i'm still not connected. someone else calls and finds out that they have me connected to the wrong port. they call the service center and tell me "tomorrow". not that i believed, other than wednesday when it was "maybe friday", any other time i talked to any one, they said "tomorrow". tomorrow didn't happen. friday, the tech actually made my modem blink and had located the problem at 1:30 p.m. by this morning STILL no dsl. so i call again, this time i FINALLY get someone capable who fixes the whole mess in a heartbeat. but in the interim, to connect we have had to crawl under the desk, disconnect the phone line from the dsl modem and put it in the dial-up modem, then reverse this when done with being online. with it being such a pain in the butt (knees, back, hips), i obviously was off-line more than on. add to that that being online blocked any incoming calls and i really tried to stay off-line as much as possible.

and, of course, wednesday and thursday were busy days prepping for turkey day. saxy made pumpkin pies on wednesday, and we pulled the bird out early. thursday morning he made stuffing and i began the rest of dinner while he and family moved stuff out of his apartment back here. and much of this stuff was big stuff, like a refrigerator and dresser and the like. not that i minded being left with the dinner. thanksgiving and christmas dinners are THE two dinners i generally make each year. they are my specialties, you could say. thanksgiving is either turkey or ham and christmas is usually cornish hens. plus all the side fixings of course. but this year i was, and am, sick. and my meds apparently are not yet strong enough to cover high stress days. i had trouble concentrating all day. so dinner, while mostly edible, was not as good as in previous years. saxy's mother did say she liked it, so i guess it wasn't THAT bad, but i knew it was up to the usual quality this year.

and if i thought i was getting sick on thanksgiving, being sick hit with a vengeance yesterday. it's just a head cold, but man, it is a head cold to be reckoned with. add to that, three of the four kids are sick. taz has a temp with an ear ache, froggy has a temp and is also being checked for a uti, and kitten has a temp and headache. two of the three went to see the doctor and it is all pretty much viral, so all we can do is treat the symptoms and just let them get well. jewel claims to have a cough, but she seems otherwise ok, and saxy is still getting over his nasty from a week and a half ago but doing better than the rest of us.

i had an entry planned for thanksgiving day about our family traditions for the holidays. but the traditions have been put on delay because of moving and illness, so it will have to wait 'til next year. in fact, the traditions are going to be delayed until we're all well enough to participate, although the plan is to start tomorrow. however, the delay takes some of the meaning out of it all, so, no point in boring you with our traditions this time around.

i have managed to get quite a bit done on my net sisters dedication page, and all that stuff is uploaded. i have something like 6 more sections/pages to create and then i am "done" with all the back log i had from moving to the new server. of course, THEN i have to keep up with the updates! so, what's left pretty much is the tsf personas' stuff, seryn and wcg. and may i never have to do this again. if i ever move off this server, then i definitely must make sure the new server includes ssi. no more changing of the file format. redecoration? well, we'll see. i am actually pretty happy with what i have now. not too dark, not overly feminine or fru-fru. it fits.

now, just to come up with a redesign for whyspered moments for next year. any suggestions?

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